Accused killer to be assessed for criminal responsibility

Conor Grossmith is accused of killing his mother, Kate Gilchrist.

Cheryl Wierda


The case of a man accused of bludgeoning his mother with a hammer has headed to Supreme Court,

where it was expected a judge will order an assessment to see if he is not criminally responsible for the death because of a mental disorder.

The expected order will extend Conor Frederick Grossmith’s stay in a forensic psychiatric hospital, where officials have already found the young man is fit to stand trial at this time, said defence lawyer Joe Gordon on Friday.

That issue will be monitored leading up to a potential trial, added Gordon.

At issue now is if the Crown’s psychiatric assessment will show if Grossmith is not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder (NCRMD). The defence has already had a psychiatric assessment completed.

Grossmith is accused of attacking his mother, 57-year-old Kate Gilchrist, in her home on Sept. 13, 2012. She died nine days later.

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