Broden McLean takes aim during a weekly soccer practise for the NSS Cougars. McLean is one of many teenagers in the community who balance being both a student and an athlete

Broden McLean takes aim during a weekly soccer practise for the NSS Cougars. McLean is one of many teenagers in the community who balance being both a student and an athlete

A tricky balancing act

A one on one interview with NSS student Broden McLean on life as both a student and athlete.

Being a student can be very stressful. From tests, exams, and big projects, to finding time to hang out with friends and family,it can be hard. What about when a student is an athlete as well? How do they handle balancing everything?

Arrow Lakes News spoke to Nakusp Secondary School student Broden McLean to find out how he handles balancing his life asa student and as an athlete.


ALN: How long have you been playing sports?

McLean: Pretty much my whole life. I started snowboarding when I was about four years old, and then in elementary school I joined the soccer club, and I was in basketball and stuff like that. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person with my family, sohiking, fishing, hunting, and lots of summer activities.

ALN: What got you into sports?

McLean: My parents always encouraged me to do all the sports and activities that I could, especially when I got to high school.The trips were fun, but by then I was already really passionate about it, because I was always quite a lot bigger than myfriends, and faster too.

ALN: How many teams are you on?

McLean: I play basketball, and I’m on the golf team, the snowboard team, and I downhill mountain bike quite a lot in the summer too. I’m really big on swimming, so in the summer I’ll do purposeful swimming for exercise, like long distance, andstuff like that.

ALN: What is a typical day like for you during a sporting season?

McLean: Usually we only have practise twice a week, so it will be a pretty average school day. At least once a week, we’ll leave early for sports, or I’ll miss some school. On an average day of school, I’ll go to the gym after.

ALN: Is it hard staying on top of school work?

McLean: Sometimes, especially when we go to provincials. Sometimes we’ll miss four days of school and we’ll have to catch upon all that homework, so if we miss tests or big projects that are due, or introductions to new units, it can make it difficult to catch up sometimes, but usually it’s pretty good.

Whenever I have time, I’ll do my homework. Instead of watching TV when I’m bored, and I know I have homework to do, I’ll get it done just so I don’t have to worry about it anymore, especially when I have such a tight schedule.

ALN: How do you balance being both a student and an athlete?

McLean: It can be pretty tricky, especially with all the sports that I play. I go to different sports camps, and different stuff like that. I went to a sports and fitness week in Ottawa with a bunch of different kids, which made me miss a whole week of school during tests, but I couldn’t really choose the time. My mom helps me schedule a time where I can do my homework, where I’ve got to get a certain amount done by this point in time to stay on track so I don’t fall behind.

ALN: Do you have a job as well?

McLean: In the summer only. I try not to work during the school year, because it’s too much on top of it all. My work time is my homework time, so that’s kind of my job in the school year, to stay on top of my homework.

ALN: Are there any sports you don’t play that you would be interested in taking part in?

McLean: I was never on the hockey team, but I’ve always played with my friends. I’ve always been interested in playing hockey because I’m quite good at skating and I have good body control, but I never was actually on teams for it.

We were all talking about maybe doing a team here next year. A lot of the boys had to travel to Nelson two or three times a week for practise, and games and stuff.

That was the main reason we never did it in my family, all the driving, especially with playing all the other sports we play.


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