A ‘thank you’ to Good Samaritans at bus stop

Jean Green appreciates the young men who helped her after her bus was delayed

Jean Green

Jean Green

Jean Green had just finished some errands at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre on Saturday and was waiting for a transit bus at the Bourquin exchange.

It was raining hard, and Green, in her 90s, was eager to get to back to her residence at Menno Home.

Her Route 5 bus didn’t appear at the scheduled time of around 1 p.m. Green was annoyed but assumed she would be able to catch the next one.

That one arrived on time, but kept on going. Green and a group of other commuters waiting for the same bus were further irritated.

“Now what am I going to do?” Green wondered.

Just as she was contemplating her next move, two young men, whom she estimated to be in their late teens, approached her. One handed her a $10 bill and told her to use it to pay for a cab so she wouldn’t have to wait any longer.

When her taxi arrived, another young man held an umbrella over her as he walked her to the vehicle.

Green arrived home safely, and wanted to say thank you to the Good Samaritans and share her story with others.

“We hear about so many bad things. I just wanted people to know that there are some decent people in the world,” she said.



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