Cats and kittens were seized by the BC SPCA from a breeder and boarder on the Surrey-Langley border.

Cats and kittens were seized by the BC SPCA from a breeder and boarder on the Surrey-Langley border.

84 animals seized in latest SPCA search

Cats were seized from a breeding and boarding facility.

The BC SPCA has made its second major seizure of animals in the Lower Mainland in as many weeks, taking 69 cats and 15 dogs from a property on the Langley-Surrey border.

The property was advertised as a boarding and breeding facility, said chief SPCA enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty.

She said that as of Tuesday, one cat and one kitten had been euthanized because they were in a dire state.

Unlike in previous cases, this was not a puppy mill or an individual hoarding animals, Moriarty said. The owner appears to have been boarding some of the animals.

“Some of them do belong to other people,” Moriarty said of the dogs, cats, and kittens seized Tuesday.

She has started getting emails from people who thought they had left their animals at a licensed facility, Moriarty said. Animals will be returned to their rightful owners, she said.

The cats are mostly Persians and short-haired exotics. The dogs included four French bulldogs, a Boston terrier, a Pomeranian with three puppies, a Chihuahua, a poodle, a rottweiler, a doberman, a Jack Rusell terrier and a shiba inu.

Moriarty couldn’t discuss much about the SPCA’s contact with the owner of the facility, in the 19400 block of Colebrook Road, on the Surrey side of the municipal line.

The animals were not malnourished, but were seized because of environmental and medical concerns, Moriarty said.

Animals were suffering from upper respiratory disease, ringworm, and possibly from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

A veterinarian is still examining the many animals seized, she said.

The animals have been split up between a Surrey facility for the cats, and a Chilliwack facility for the dogs.

The SPCA will be recommending charges, Moriarty said.

The seizure follows one last week of 66 animals from an alleged puppy mill in Langley’s Glenn Valley area. The SPCA is also recommending charges in that case.


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