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We are not a delivery or maid service; while we look after practical tasks, we are meeting the need for caring connection.

  • Aug. 26, 2014 7:00 p.m.

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Patricia Goertzen


Imagine with me the frustration, isolation and desperation you might feel if you had a disabled limb, or had undergone major surgery, or were living with a debilitating illness and had not one person to turn to for support.

Now,think about what that would be like while living on $1,000 per month to pay rent, food and medical necessities.

How will you get food home from the food bank?  How will you manage your bathroom and kitchen that haven’t been cleaned for many weeks or the emotional and physical distress you experience because of your situation?

Hands in Service

Hands in Service provides thousands of hours of free, compassionate care and service to   hundreds of  vulnerable people in our community and the number of distressed people requesting assistance with access to food and non-medical home support grows each year.

We are not a delivery service or Molly Maid; it’s important to us that while we look after practical tasks, we are meeting the need for caring connection.

Your engagement may not be through volunteer hours, but you can “buy in” so that we can continue to provide and increase the services offered.  With as little as two hours of time or $2 cash you can impact the quality of life and hope of someone struggling in our community.

Because of our amazing volunteers, cost per hour of service is less than $10.  $2 can deliver a week of food to someone who might otherwise go hungry. Volunteering two hours every two weeks can facilitate a whole year of pain-free, in-home assistance, giving individuals greater independence, connection and hope.

How will you give? Because love gives back.

Hands in Service: Value individuals. Meet needs. Build Relationships.



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Patricia Goertzen is the executive director of Hands in Service, a Kelowna Volunteer Organization of the Year finalist in 2010 and 2013.

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