Turning our clocks back & forth is a pain in the neck

I am a bit short of time this week so my news maybe a bit shorter than usual.

I am a bit short of time this week so my news maybe a bit shorter than usual.


Halloween is behind us and it was really a fun time for everyone both young and not so young. Lots of mom’s and grandmother’s too went along and even a few dad’s. It’s good for everyone to have a time out with the kids. All the kids had big bags and some were really loaded, enough treats to last the year. Must not forget the wonderful costumes, they were out of this world.

I am going to go back a long time now when Halloween was not a fun time like it is now. Evesham, our old home town, Burns lake and the landing. Not many treats but lots of tricks and some of them were dangerous or turned out to be. Our dad would not let either brother Peter or myself go out, maybe a good thing too.

One Halloween in Evesham, our old home town, had a few boys having what they thought fun tipping over all the out houses.

One man hid in his to catch the boy’s in the act and he did just that and he ran after them and had a heart attack which killed him. This spoiled the evening as he was such a nice man.

Then one year Halloween night some boy’s put the milkman’s delivery buggy on top of the school roof. This was a big job as it was a big school and high. This was a large buggy and quite heavy too. Next morning the high school principal called the big boy’s up to his desk and told them I will give you all until noon to get Mr. Webb’s buggy off the roof without a scratch and back in his yard.

They went to work as they had to take the wheels off and lower on ropes then the shafts and then the buggy and it was heavy but they had it down before noon in good shape not a scratch.

The next year we were at Francois Lake. Now over 70 years ago. Francois Lake had some pretty wild Halloween’s and did Burns Lake.

This a Halloween story of many years ago and it could have been nasty. I saved my neighbours and good friends new outboard motor as I just happened to be there. At the time there were two boats houses west of the old ferry dock and my friend had his boat and new motor stored there. It was very late at night and I was taking a walk by the ferry dock and I noticed a light in the boat house so I watched a couple of guys were taking my friends new motor along the ditch and come back and leave. I smelt a rat so I walked down the ditch and there was Bob’s new motor hidden in the grass so I picked it up and put it in our shop. It was all I could lift too.

Then I sat down and waited. Then I saw this strange pick up stop and two guys walk down the ditch I guess to pick up the motor they had hidden.

I didn’t know them so they must have noticed the motor in the daylight so they drove off without the motor. Bob was pretty happy when I told him I had his motor safe.

During our years at the landing we used to have boat rentals for tourists. This was a good deal as the boats were safe as they were lumber boats with five horse air cooled motors, theses were trouble free. They were going steady too. During that time we had three stolen but managed to get them back. Two were at Indian Bay and one was at Hospital Point. It was a long time to find that one as the folks that stole it had it well hidden.

These little motors had the gas tank mounted on the motor so they were easy to take. It’s so long ago now I forget what happened to them. They would be a museum piece now I would guess. But they were foolproof.

Bad timing

How many folks forgot to turn the clocks back. For once I remembered and set mine back before I went to bed. Then when I woke this morning I looked at my clock and for a few minutes I wondered what happened. Having to change the clocks back is a pain in the neck.

Why can’t they leave us alone. I just wonder why how important is it really or just something to confuse us. Some places are smart and leave it alone and I wish we would do the same.


Our son at the landing had just put a new stock waterer for his horses, the old one is workout. It was not finished yet and he left it for a while to get tools when he came back there were five deer already drinking. It seems they like the waterer to drink from rather than the lake.

When I was at the barn and had the horses there the deer came to drink at my waterer all winter. I guess they enjoy the warm water from the cold lake water. It seems the wild animals are getting more tame all the time. Our daughter Marie and husband Rick Hunter were sitting at their kitchen table when low and behold a fox walked onto their veranda and was looking in the kitchen window bold as brass. This was no doubt the one that killed all their chickens.

I was given a joke the other day and it’s a good one and you will enjoy it. A man and a woman had been married for many years. The old man would shout at his wife whenever there was a confrontation. They could be heard deep into the night. He would shout “when I die I will dig my way up and out of my grave and haunt you for the rest of your life.” Neighbours feared him and he liked the fact he was feared. When he was 98 he died. After the funeral the neighbors were concerned about her safety that he just might dig his way out and harm her the rest of her life. The wife’s answer was “let him dig, I had him buried upside down and I know he won’t ask for directions.”

Have a safe week and always remember God loves you a great deal and so do I.



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