Syrian refugees pick up their toys at the Guru Nanak Free Kitchen.

Syrian refugees pick up their toys at the Guru Nanak Free Kitchen.

Toys for refugee newcomers

Guru Nanak Free Kitchen distributes toys to Syrian refugee children.

  • Feb. 5, 2016 9:00 a.m.

Guru Nanak Free Kitchen met with more than 100 Syrian Refugee children recently to distribute more than 300 toys to the youth.

Randeep Sarai, MP for Surrey-Centre, welcomed the families to Canada on behalf of the Canadian government, stating “We want to welcome you to Canada, you are great kids, and we hope you will have a great future in Canada”.

Paul Hundle, Daljit Sumbal, and Dal Purewal represented Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, and distributed toys that their community-based organization had gathered in a toy drive.

“It is heart warming to see how such a small act of kindness can put a smile on the kids’ faces,” said Hundle.

“The toys handed out are only one-third of the toys that had been collected,” said Sumbal. “We are looking forward to distributing the remainder of the toys as more families arrive in Surrey in the following weeks.”

Currently, there are at more than 100 children between the ages of four and12 who are being resettled in Surrey as they make Canada their new home.

So far over 11,000 that have already resettled into Canada, and another 14,000 will have resettled by the end of February.

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