Thanks for supporting the ShelterBox program

Quesnel Rotary Club appreciates the support from locals and visitors for donations equalling more than the cost of two ShelterBoxes.

  • Aug. 13, 2012 6:00 p.m.

The Quesnel Rotary Club would like to thank Quesnel residents and visitors to Quesnel during Billy Barker Days for attending Rotary’s pancake breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings and donating to ShelterBox program.

During those events, Rotary had the ShelterBox tent set up and it generated great interest in the contents and the aid ShelterBoxes provide, helping in disasters around the world.

Last month, ShelterBoxes were dispatched to flash flooding victims in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia where 171 people were killed and thousands displaced after their homes were completely destroyed by the waters.

A total of 150 ShelterBoxes were distributed thanks to the coordination of Russian Rotarians and the ShelterBox organization.

In late June of this year, more than 100 ShelterBoxes were sent to the mountainous Bududa District of eastern Uganda after devastating landslides struck the region, displacing an estimated 4,000 people and killing 30 people in two villages in the area. An additional 100 are still missing after the landslide buried houses and forced many people from their homes.

With water supplies destroyed or contaminated, the water filtration equipment contained in the ShelterBoxes was of particular importance.

ShelterBox Response Team volunteers worked with local Rotary and other aid organizations in both disasters to setup tents, keeping families as close together as possible. The survival contents of the ShelterBoxes help families survive the immediate aftermath and begin to rebuild their lives.

Quesnel Rotary Club is proud of the support from the community with $2,500 raised during the breakfasts.

“This is enough money for more than two ShelterBoxes and their contents to provide accommodation and relief for families of up to 10 people, while they bring their lives back to order,” John Havens, ShelterBox ambassador for the Cariboo area said.

“Again, thanks Quesnel and visitors for your support of Rotary service activities.”

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