Sorrento prepares to celebrate 100 years

Committee gathers historical information for the Shuswap community's centennial celebrations.

Shuswap Lake off Buckley Road, one reported location for Trapper’s Landing.

Shuswap Lake off Buckley Road, one reported location for Trapper’s Landing.

Studying the history of our community is one of my pastimes, this year in particular with Sorrento celebrating 100 years as an official mark on the map in BC.

There is a committee busily organizing events for tourist season, with historical references incorporated.

Louise Barber is one of those on the Sorrento 100 committee. Barber has been actively making improvements to the Notch Hill Cemetery, with help from enthusiastic volunteers. She is also putting together historical background on various points of interest within the South Shuswap area for the Sorrento 100 celebration.

Barber has a voluminous collection of resource material, with anecdotal accounts published in various local chronicles. Barber stopped by to chat and share what she had found so far, and together we poured over a 1912 survey map of Notch Hill, reviewing names as noted on various parcels of land.

We talked about the sternwheelers as major transportation in the area. Trappers Landing was a stopping point for the boats on Shuswap Lake near Sorrento. The exact location is unsure, as some say it’s down Buckley Road, some say Gillespie Road, some say Shuswap Marina, while others say at the Reedman park access.

Barber would like some input on the location of Trapper’s Landing near Sorrento, help in determining the real truth. Give Barber a call at 250-253-5776, if you have some facts on Trappers Landing, she’d like to hear from you.

Early Years Fair

Sorrento School at 1135 Passchendaele Rd. is holding a Spring Fling Early Years Fair Tuesday, March 6 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The fair is due to efforts by the North and South Shuswap Community Resource Association.

The fair will include storytime and singing, give-aways and draws. There will be toys and games, snacks, information about area children’s programs and services.

Feature entertainment for the Spring Fling Early Years Fair is Kiki the Eco Elf. All of this at no charge to participants.

Award-winning BC singer/song writer Tanya Lipscomb has been working on something new, fresh and exciting. A mother of three, an early childhood educator and an advocate for ecological sustainability, it was only natural for Tanya to leap onto the children’s entertainment stage.

Kiki the Eco Elf is the name of the character which Tanya has been developing over the last three years, in the hopes of teaching children about the importance of protecting our environment in a fun, engaging and educational way. Kiki offers educational, enthusiastic musical performances, story-telling and workshops.

Previously Kiki has performed at schools in Alberta and B.C., in municipal libraries, at community events, music festivals and fairs. Through stories, music (guitar, mandolin, bass guitar and piano), songs, rhymes, puppets, games and theatre, Kiki performs musical performances that cover topics such as alternative energy sources, protection of land diversity, the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and disappearing species.

She offers children simple ideas, solutions and actions to carry out, empowering them to help minimize our impact on the environment. With colourful costumes and hair, imaginative, interactive songs, stories and games, and a contagious enthusiasm, Kiki is capable of inspiring children to be the difference we need to see.

Kiki also offers a workshop called “Dumpster Diving Drums” where she provides materials and shows how to make different percussion instruments out of trash. This is followed by a dumpster diving drum session for young and old alike.

An intergenerational workshop focusing on bringing awareness to trash, reusing ‘would-be’ waste materials, promoting rhythmic conversations using instruments and creating collective musical ensembles.

Check out Kiki’s website at


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