New cookbook focuses on local harvest

Davison Orchards' new cookbook, In Season: Make the Most of the Local Harvest, is now available

The wet weather in June has not been helpful for farmers’ crops this summer.

At Davison Orchards, they’ve had to push back the harvest dates for some of their early produce. However, with summer finally here, they are starting to see the fresh fruits and vegetables make their way off the fields, and into the homes of the Okanagan. One of the great joys of living in the Okanagan Valley is the access to a wide selection of locally grown fruits and vegetables. With the fresh produce comes Davison Orchards’ new cookbook, In Season: Make the Most of the Local Harvest.

The revised edition of the farm’s cookbook features a large variety of recipes showcasing cakes, slices, baked goods, salads, soups and so much more.

“We wanted a creative outlet to share some of our recipes, as well as our friends’ recipes,” said Tamra Davison, marketing director for Davison Orchards. “We’ve made and loved a lot of these recipes for a really long time, and feel it’s wonderful to share them.”

The book features more than 100 recipes that highlight the abundance of fresh flavours found right here in the Okanagan Valley.

A new focus of the cookbook is preserving the harvest, with a chart for easy storing, canning and freezing.

“Tips and tricks that we use here at the farm will make sure your canned goods are delicious in the months to come,” said Davison. “By using fresh local produce, you are able to capture and seal away the robust flavours of the Okanagan to savour during the cold winter months, or to give to friends to try.”

But you don’t have to be into canning to enjoy the new cookbook as it offers a wide variety of recipes. From savoury to sweet, to gourmet and delectable, the cookbook has something to satisfy everyone’s palate. Check out the recipe for upside-down streusel apple cake or enjoy some refreshing gingered cucumbers.

Featuring tips, tricks  and new ideas, Davison Orchards’ In Season: Make the Most of the Local Harvest cookbook is available in the Country Village shop at Davison Orchards.


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