Langley Family Christmas: Snickers Salad

Is it a salad or a dessert? A Langley artist offers his recipe for Snickers Salad

  • Dec. 9, 2015 4:00 p.m.

Snickers Salad


8 apples

1/2 cup lemon juice

8 bananas

10 Snickers bars

2 x 3.4 oz vanilla instant pudding

2+2/3 cup cold milk

2 x 12 oz containers Cool Whip, thawed

Pour lemon juice in a big bowl. Dice apples and slice bananas into lemon juice and toss to coat fruit. Mix pudding mix and milk; whip until smooth. Cut Snickers bars in small pieces. Drain and blot fruit on paper towel. Fold pudding and whipped topping together. Fold fruit and chocolate bar pieces into pudding mixture. Refrigerate. Using 1/2 cup per serving, garnish with whipped topping and mini chocolate chips or nuts.

The recipe is great for potlucks. It’s been part of our Phillip’s family gatherings for several years. Technically it’s a salad but really it’s a dessert. I don’t do half cup servings, I just leave it in a serving bowl and let people help themselves.

from Murray Phillips, of the West Fine Art Society, and a Langley Hospice Society supporter.

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