If we can all shop local we can help keep our town alive

Received some sad news this morning with the passing of one of my very good friends, Bud Bennett.

Received some sad news this morning with the passing of one of my very good friends, Bud Bennett. This is another loss of one of our old time pioneer families from the Southside. The Bennett family were some of the first settlers in the Ootsa Lake district at the turn of the century.

The Bennett family had a stopping house at the Ootsa Lake settlement for many years. My father and I stayed there in September 1941 for the night on our way to Hensons at Marilla.

There was my dad and I and two wagons and five head of horses. It was very comfortable and they were such nice people.


With the fire at the Babine Mill we thought that the ferry traffic would slow down but not so. The traffic seems as heavy as usual. There still seems to be loads of logs and still heavy vehicle traffic. There is a large population in the south country and a large number work in town so the ferry is still very busy.

Our roads both local and on the main highway seem to be breaking up. Lots of big potholes and deep ones. Even in the town there are lots of bad holes. Some of the new pavement on the Yellowhead is breaking up.

Next summer will be a busy year doing repairs. I just picked up a paper that had an article in it that said that this winter has been the worst for our roads within memory. Seems the frost and the rain have been the cause of the problems. The main topic today is the road conditions.

Margaret and Richard Neave have just returned from Vancouver and the main thing they noticed was how prosperous the lower mainland is. Every place is busy and lots of things going on. The further north they got the slower things seemed to be.

Grand opening

On Saturday last what a pleasant surprise it was to enter the Royal Canadian Legion #50 hall. It was just out of this work. So bright and cheerful and top of the line furniture. The colours are also very matching to the interior. This has been many years it really needed a face lifting and now it’s happened. There were many locals plus a number of legion members from Prince George.

Among them old time friends and former resident of Burns Lake the Kisters. The floors and the kitchen were also renovated as well. Mrs. Kisters was instrumental in getting the ball rolling and it’s paid off big time. Many locals were also responsible for a lot of work to make the legion what is it. This is really an asset to Burns Lake to be used and enjoyed. We are very proud of it. All this will give our legion a complete new lease on its life for many years to come. An active legion is very important to any town so come on out and give it your full support.

Shop local

They are coming out with more ads, ‘shop local’ this is very important. All the business establishments need your support to continue to give its customers good service and variety. Most all these business places hire locally, and support the town and pay taxes and they deserve your support. If you want Burns Lake to grow keep your business local and in the long run it will pay off.

When we first came to Burns Lake it was a prosperous town, you did not have to go out to shop. It was all here. A good shoe store, full operating room in the hospital, shoe repair, harness maker, barber shop, radio repair, bakery, butcher shop and two big grocery stores that bought locally. I’m sure with time and local buying Burns Lake will once more be a prosperous little pace. It’s an ideal location right in the middle of the finest hunting and fishing in the world plus scenery that’s unsurpassed where ever you go. All we need is little push. I have only mentioned very few of the business establishments, not even half.

Teachers strike

This is just my opinion and no one else but I have been following the teachers strike and who will win? The time has come when strikes really don’t help anyone. I read an article and it said in the present school system there is so much other stuff shoved into the school system that is not necessary, taking up time away from the basics.

What’s happened to the old school. Reading, writing, arithmetic (math) and spelling. Taught to the tune of the hickory stick. Spelling was my sticker. This remains in my memory for my life. I asked my teacher how to spell because so he spelt it for me, now he said “Hugh, now you can spend the next recess writing because 100 times and pass it in to me.” I did just that and I have always remembered how to spell because. I was not too old and it really stuck for a lifetime.

Most all my education was in the Evesham school. Two rooms, two teachers. Up to Grade 7 in the primary room and from Grade 8 to 12 in the high school room. We had good teachers and we all ended up with a good education. Dad used to say the best time of your life is your school years and I guess they were. I quit school half way through Grade 10 due to an accident with a bad horse.

This was an error on my part that I was sorry for. I have no regrets as I have had a good life started out as a kid on the eyehill in Saskatchewan riding for a living and ended up in the store and taxi business at Francois Lake. With no regrets. I have a wonderful family and so many, many good friends, it’s been a great life.

A little story

The minister asked for anyone who knew a perfect person to stand up. A meek little fellow in the back stood up “Do you really know a perfect person?” the minister asked. “Yes, sir I do” answered the little man. “Wont you please tell the congregation who this rare perfect person is?” pursued the minister. “Yes sir, it was my wife’s first husband.”

Take care and have a safe week. This life you save could be your own so slow down and live a little longer. God always loves you and so do I.


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