Heading back to my old stompin’ grounds next week

The Wagon Wheel is now open for another season. It's always a very popular place to watch the lake and enjoy their good and great hospitality. Also a nice place to visit for your friends.

The Wagon Wheel is now open for another season. It’s always a very popular place to watch the lake and enjoy their good and great hospitality. Also a nice place to visit for your friends.

Saturday last was a very memorable day for Bernadette Peebles and her family. It was a special day as they were laying her late husband Arnold’s, ashes beside his older brother Don in the Burns Lake cemetery. This was Arnold’s wishes. The family who were present were Frank Peebles, Carla Johnston, children Kyle, Leigh, and Brett all from Prince George. From Cecil Lake son Gary and his wife Kate and children Sarah and Meghan. Bernadette’s mother Wanda from Edmonton, her brothers and sisters Len and Eve Tollenaar from Grand Prairie, Sharon (Tollanaar) from Weslock. Gloris Tollenaar and Tony Solomon from O.K. Falls and Ayron and Debby Tollenaar, and Hayley from Claremont, AB. And last but not least a great family friend Ellen Anderson from the Lower Mainland. I just hope I have not left anyone out.

I happened to notice something in the Smithers Interior News that caught my eye and I know it will catch yours too. And I quote “After the election some MP’s left with a million plus dollar pensions.” Is that fair? They questioned four people for their opinions and these are the answers. One man said “I feel it’s disgusting, a lot us have to work our whole lives to make a pension. Another man said “Not at all, they don’t deserve it.” Then the next man said “It’s too big, I think it should be more in tune to what happens in the rest of the world.” The last lady said “I don’t think it’s fair.” That’s the opinion for four, I wonder how the rest of Canada feels? Would I like to feel what a million dollar pension would feel like, I could sure pass it on.

It’s now going back many, many years and lots of older women will remember having an autograph book, all their friends could write poems and little stories. More or less a book of memories of long time ago friends. Jo had an autograph book which she treasured. I can not find it, but I did find my mother’s which is 100 years old. There are poems and stories from her mother and father (my grandparents) and all her brothers and her school friends. I did not know until about a week ago. I was looking for something or other when low and behold I came across mother’s autograph book. What a find and a treasure it is for our family. Mother at that time was only 16 years old.

It’s very interesting to look through the flyers every week from our two big stores in town. All seems to come from every place but B.C.

Don’t we grow any fruit in B.C.? All the fruit comes from U.S.A., Chili, Mexico, Peru, even the cherries and the strawberries come from the U.S.A. Of course trade is what keeps our economy such as it is. It seems B.C. is so dependent on the rest of the world for a lot of our food. I also notice what apples are coming in from the U.S. B.C. grows lots of fruit but where does it go?

As of this morning I am once more a great grandfather makes me feel pretty proud. This little one came into the world this morning, a wee girl. Parents Jamie and Marlee Wilson. A little sister for Sabastion. She was born in Prince George Hospital.

Lakes are all on the rise, creeks running full bore and still lots of snow to melt yet, especially up in the mountains, so there should be no shortage of water. A late spring can cause problems and this one sure has.

I expect to be gone back to the old stomping ground next week so will miss out on my stories. Lots of old friends are weeding down so this will be a chance to look some of them up while I am able. There are also some family graves I want to see again as well. It will be a short visit but I think it will be a busy one. I have a lot of wonderful memories of the prairie, some good and maybe a few sad ones too.

The little ducks that swim about in our bay seem to come and go but it’s interesting to watch them play around. There is a big eagle that also keeps an eye on them for it’s lunch. I wrote a little poem about him.

An eagle sits upon a tree,

and looks out on the lake.

A flock of little ducks were there,

of one he knew he’d take.

One foolish little duck just tried,

to take a little fly.

But this mistake was very bad,

because of this he died.

Now nature’s ways are very tough,

we may not understand.

But meat is meat no matter what,

It goes throughout the land.

Eagles like humans, they must try,

to keep up natures chain.

So some will live, and some die

but all will suffer pain.

Thoughts for the day. Always remember the things we worry about very often never happen. Live today as if it were your last as someday it will. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is yours so enjoy every minute. If you can make somebody smile your day has not been in vain. Take care and always remember God loves you and so do I.


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