Get active on Canada Health Day

The Pacific Blue Cross is offering some tips on how to stay healthy and live an active life.

With Canada Health Day fast approaching (May 12), the Pacific Blue Cross is offering some tips on how to stay healthy and live an active life.

• Take a walk. Walking is one of the simplest activities: take a walk after lunch or get off one bus stop early on your way to work. Alternatively, park farther away from the entrance to the mall or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

• Make a play for it. You might have flown a kite or thrown a Frisbee as a kid — why not now? Once in the park, you might see other activities that inspire you and your family to have fun exercising.

•  Start a family “health club.” Gather your family together one evening or weekend and make up a list of activities that everyone enjoys.

• Support the sports. Most sports activities increase your physical fitness, contribute to heart and bone health, and help you maintain a healthy body weight — so why not join a new club or team?

• Just the basics. Scientific evidence suggests that even low-intensity lifestyle activities have health benefits.  Casual activities that can contribute to greater health include: gardening and yard work; housework; dancing; walking up stairs; water exercise; and having fun — find something active you enjoy and stick with it.

• Get virtually motivated. Take advantage of some of the mobile applications and online portals that provide guidance and information on healthy living. My Good Health is a free resource for Pacific Blue Cross plan members that provides a personalized health report identifying individual health risks and assistance on making a positive change.

Margaret Ng is the program manager of health and wellness for the  Pacific Blue Cross.

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