Francois Lake is coming up an inch a day

John Keefe has just returned from a holiday trip to Juneau, Alaska where he visited his daughter Ingrid and her husband Tim Fraychineaud. Tim is teaching school there and also teaches swimming and diving. Juneau is a very busy little city plus being the capital of Alaska.

John Keefe has just returned from a holiday trip to Juneau, Alaska where he visited his daughter Ingrid and her husband Tim Fraychineaud. Tim is teaching school there and also teaches swimming and diving. Juneau is a very busy little city plus being the capital of Alaska.

It is known for it’s fishing, forestry and tourism.

John was 26 hours on the ferry sailing from Prince Rupert. The ferry is called the ‘Alaska Marine Highway’.  There were numerous stops at Wrangal, Petersburg, Sitka, Heinz and Skagway. John was away from April 19 to April 27. It was a wonderful trip and John enjoyed every minute of it.

Sad news

Just got word this morning that John Meyer had just passed away.

He was in the hospital for some time. John and his wife Julia were long time residents of the south country but spent some years in Topley when they retired. John was another one of my very good friends and he will be missed.

Royal wedding

April 29 was a special day for us all with the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, what a beautiful bride she was. This was no doubt the wedding of the century. I would imagine all the world would be glued to their TVs. I know I was and I didn’t miss a thing. I felt very proud to be able to watch the whole ceremony from start to finish.

Although I am a bred and born Canadian and proud of it, there is still a bit of my English heritage in my blood, it’s no doubt pretty thin but it’s still there.

With the modern cameras and this out of this world equipment the whole ceremony was as clear as if you were there in person. Although the cost is terrific all in all it will be well worth it and the whole ceremony will go down in history as England’s pride.

So much talent

On Saturday last because of another commitment I missed the Lakes District Community Choir and friends concert at the First Mennonite Church.

By all reports it was one of the very best. We have so much talent here and it’s wonderful to think they share it with us.

One of the highlights was the Citizen of the Year Award presented to Martina Zechendorf for her exemplary service to the Lakes District cultural world with her tireless efforts and the annual music and arts festival choir directing and inspirational encouragement to young people.

We are so fortunate to have such musical talent which she shares with us all. I still feel bad to have missed this wonderful afternoon of music and singing.


The election is behind us now. Most folks are pleased with the results as it seems a fair balance. The radio says it’s a major change in Canadian politics. So as the old saying goes time will tell.

I can’t see any ice this morning so I would guess the lake is clear. Always makes me feel good. I just happen to think I have seen 71 years of watching the ice go out from the lake. Makes me feel old and I guess I am getting old. I think that all in all I have seen three years that the lake stayed open.

Daryl Critchlow has been taking the lake levels for me and it is coming up an inch a day.

Our Francois Lake hall is due for some major renovations. The Francois Lake Recreation Commission has received grants for these improvements. Such as insulating the hall, renovating the kitchen by making it larger and more convenient for folks working there, redoing the bathrooms and replacing the floor in the addition.

The ceiling will be lowered and insulated (T-Bar ceiling) also a new furnace. There improvements will make the hall more attractive for renting, as well as community use.

On Tuesday evening there was a working bee to tidy things up for the building contractors to start their work. These renovations have been a long time coming but when it’s finished it will be like new again.

As far as I can find out the hall was built in 1923 so that makes it almost 90 years old and the building is still in good condition. Somewhere in my late wife’s library there is a book written by Mrs. Henkel on the building of the hall as she was one of the main organizers to have it built.

his book, if I can locate it will give the whole history of the hall. (Mrs. Henkel “Johanna) was my late wife Jo’s grandmother.


Bernadette Peebles has just returned from a holiday trip to Hawaii. She was accompanied by her son Gary of the RCMP and his wife Kate. It was a wonderful holiday but a kind of a shock for her to still see snow on the ground when she got home.


In the olden days very often there would be an epitaph on a grave stone to remember a special person. Here is a couple I thought pretty good. Here lies the body of A.J. Faye, who died maintaining his right-of-way. Another good one; here lies the body of P.J. Riskey, he loved fast horses, beautiful women, and good whiskey. He loved his food, he loved his God and now he lays beneath the sod.

A little story

Andy missed Mass more often than not. Father Murphy met him on the street one day and asked him why he didn’t come to church any more.

“There are too many hypocrites in church,” Andy replied. “Well,” said the priest “There is always room for one more.”

A little quote and I love it and so will you. God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

Although my mother has been gone many years I still have so many memories and much love for her which I will never forget and will stay with  me as long as I live.

Have a safe week, slow down and enjoy living. Always remember that God loves you and so do I.


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