Forest Grove/Ruth Lake Circle Tour

Forest Grove, a historic community on Canim Hendrix

Ruth Lake has become a very popular year-round playground.

Ruth Lake has become a very popular year-round playground.

Forest Grove is a small, historic community on Canim Hendrix

Road, 21 kilometres from Highway 97.

First settled around 1912, the village soon became the hub of business and social life for workers and their families from the many small sawmills in the area.

On the right as you enter the Grove is the old Felker General Store building, now home to a post office and two businesses. Prominently displayed on the corner store/gas bar is a large sign acknowledging the Grove’s Theresa Luke, winner of a pairs rowing silver medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.

Straight through the intersection is Eagle Creek Road. To the left is Shaw Drive where the Forest Grove Cemetery is located in solitary tranquility at the top of the hill.

Past the school and community hall is a cluster of old buildings on the left. This was the original Forest Grove, and the site of a lodge, blacksmith shop and other businesses. Forest Grove Store is still legible in faded letters on the building closest to the road.

Keeping to the right, Eagle Creek Road meanders through farmland and stands of trees. A few kilometres along, an old building close to the road on the right was the first store in the area, with supplies brought in from Ashcroft.

The road twists down through tall trees to the beautiful panorama of Ruth Lake. It follows the edge of the lake to Ruth Lake Community Park, the centre of year-round activities. It has an excellent swimming beach, a convenient boat launch and ample parking right at the beach.

A large log picnic shelter with its sturdy tables provides a perfect spot for lunch, to read in the shade or to relax and enjoy an incredible sunset over the lake.

From here, you can return to Forest Grove by way of the Bradley Creek Valley. Continue on Eagle Creek Road to Bradley Creek Road on the left.

From there, an old pioneer road winds its way through forests and past picturesque homestead buildings. The view suddenly opens up into a beautiful narrow valley, sheltered by steep hillsides.

At the end of the valley, turn left on the 500 (or Wilcox) Road. From here, it is approximately 20 km to Forest Grove.

The road winds through the forest dotted with small lakes and swamps. One pullout features an unusual view of Mt. Timothy.

Several trails and old roads along the way invite exploring.

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