After a long winter we all need a little recharging

Easter is also a time when families get together for Easter dinner and enjoy each others company

On Monday evening April 2, we got a wind storm that work put Saskatchewan to shame. It destroyed Ron Meadows big quonset work shop.  It tore off the heavy tarp and destroyed all the steel struts. This is the second time the wind had destroyed his shop.  This is a big shop and will very expensive to rebuild.

Canada geese

A few mornings ago I noticed some big chunks of ice floating around and it was loaded with flocks of Canada geese.  Then as I drove up by the church a huge flock were in the hay field picking through the dead grass for food. I wonder how they manage. Lots of our birds are back and also some blue birds I wonder what they get to eat with so much snow still around.

I thought for a while the ducks were not coming back but I was wrong. They are back in full force. This is good news for the old eagle that is always watching.  He is very patient just waiting for one little mistake.


Easter has come and its behind us now. I mentioned last time my viewpoint came out how sorry we were to see St. Luke’s vacant. And how it used to be and is now. I have a feeling its going to come back and if we have faith it will come back bigger than it was. Easter is also a time when families get together for Easter dinner and enjoy each others company. After a long winter we all need a little recharging and Easter does just that.

Sunday best

Growing up on the prairie as we did, Easter was a big thing almost like Christmas. Evesham was a United Church town and big time.  They have a lovely church and it was sure used. There were few Anglicans but they went to the United Church on Easter Sunday there would be buggies, saddle horses and a few model T Fords.  All the ladies wore nice hats and the men even wore their Sunday best.

My Dad always did, best bib and tucker he used to say. Mother was known for her cute little hats she always wore. Us boys used to have to wear short pants and I hated them with a passion but all the boys had to wear them. The church is still in use and is shared with the Anglicans.  Seems to work okay.

Our Dad helped build the church and I think it was in 1927. It’s still a lovely building. We were in there last spring and it brought back some happy times like young peoples, big chicken suppers and social evenings. Many years ago I played guitar there, as the young folks always met in the big basement for musical evenings.  These are very fond memories for me.

Good years

As I look back over a lifetime I am starting to feel old. It’s over 71 years now almost a lifetime, but good years too.  The prairie was a great place to grow up.  Spring was a special time for us as the gophers would be coming out and we always looked forward to our first crocus coming up with its little purple flower. Dad would always try to be our with his horse teams working the fields on Mothers birthday which was April 13.

The first day out with six head of horses who had been on the range all winter and put to work was a bit of a rodeo.  But he always managed with no broken bones but sometimes a frayed temper.  I used to think it was great but that’s looking at it through a young boys eyes.


This is long past but as I look back upon the frozen lake about this time of the year, I remember the sweep-stakes we used to have on the day the hour and the time the lake would be clear of ice from shore to shore.

There would be a big piece of clear cardboard with a number of squares and folks would pay a dollar and have their name and the time the lake would be clear. Captain McKinnon, Joe Sugden and My dad H.H. Neave, these were the judges.

As a rule there would a first and second prize.  It was always lots of fun to see who would be on the money. Our family were not able to take part as dad used to say it would be a conflict of interest.

The whole idea has long since fallen by the wayside. Now of course the ferry keeps the passage open and we don’t get the hard cold winters. This was always a little bit of entertainment for the locals.

At one time Burns Lake used to put an old car out on the lake ice and bet on the date and time the car would go through the ice. This has long gone to as I think the environment put a damper on this, maybe a good thing.

Great show

Last week there was a very interesting show on TV it was called the Tracker. It was filmed in the Smithers area. It starts out with a map that starts out from point A which is the starting point and about four or five miles there is a finish line B.  A couple start out on foot to get to the finish point and not be caught by the two trackers on very good saddle horses and good riders.

The country they travel through is about as rough and wild as you would find any place. There is a time limit as well.

The last show there were two Smithers girls and they put in a wonderful run. Swamps, creeks, heavy bush and under bush, rock slides and everything possible that could be. One of the girls made the finish point and was not caught and what a run. The second girl almost made it but was caught. The filming of this one in Smithers was out of this world and what a delightful show.

Old papers

I have more old papers and pictures than you can guess.  As I was looking for some pictures, I came across my parent’s marriage certificate, just like new.  It was dated Sept. 29, 1921, almost a 100 years ago. It’s a treasure.

Have a safe week and enjoy the spring, it always seems to give a new lease on life. Always remember that God loves you a great deal and so do I.


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