Mark Larry Demenoff

May 27, 1984 – July 31, 2020
In Memory of Mark Larry Demenoff ~
May 27, 1984 ~ July 31, 2020

This past year has been the worst of my life
The ups and the downs, the worries and strife
Pain has eaten away at my soul
Turmoil and anguish have taken their toll

Wake up every day longing for you
Wondering how this could even be true
Some tell me it gets easier with time
Maybe it will but it’s a long hard climb

You were always a perfect gentleman
Honest and true, you were so genuine
You were always compassionate and kind
Better than I could ever wish to find

You were someone that I loved to talk to
No one could make me laugh the way you do
With never ending love and affection
We shared a special kind of connection

Life still goes on even though you’re not here
I know in my heart that you’re always near
You’ve been right beside me holding me close
Helping me get through the highs and the lows

I’ll be okay I want you to be free
I loved you so much I know you loved me
I’m not giving you up, no not at all
I’ll be with you again when God makes that call

God gave me you he gave me my soulmate
It wasn’t by chance it had to be fate
So even though it’s hard to let you go
I’ll be with you again that much I know

All of the love, all of the memories
I will hold onto them for centuries
Happy Birthday to the man that I love
Go be free and enjoy your party up above!

We love you & we miss you.
Love Kaitlyn, Aleena, & ColeObituary-