NDP supports gathered in Revelstoke to watch as the results from the polls were counted. (Liam Harrap/Revelstoke Review)

NDP supporters watch election results in Revelstoke

Revelstokians that worked on the NDP compaign gathered last night

Roughly 15 people worked on the NDP campaign in Revelstoke for the last election. Some of Wayne Stetski’s supporters gathered at his local campaign office last night to watch as the polls were counted.

Yesterday’s election results showed the NDP winning 15 per cent of the popular vote and elected in 24 ridings – far short of the 44 seats it had previously held.

For the Kootenay – Columbia riding, Stetski lost by more than 7,000 votes to Rob Morrison from the Conservative Party.

In the 2015 election, Stetski won by just 282 votes, which was the first time the riding had been won by the NDP.

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