CCFC member Ian Carmichael is inviting 2019 federal election voters to get on the Vote Bus 2019. (Jennifer Feinberg/ The Progress)

Get on the Vote Bus 2019 if you need a ride to the polls

Goal of the Vote Bus project is to see the highest voter turnout ever in Chilliwack-Hope

Chilliwack voters are being offered a free ride to the polls in the federal election.

Chilliwack Citizens for Change is renting a small bus from a local community organization in an effort to help get more voters of all stripes to the polling stations.

The goal of Vote Bus 2019 is encouraging the “highest voter turnout” in Chilliwack-Hope history, according to CCFC member Ian Carmichael, Vote Bus co-ordinator.

“We’re hoping the Vote Bus will be a program that can be implemented in this election to attract voters that haven’t traditionally been able to get to the polls,” Carmichael said.

“We also hoping to make it a new Chilliwack tradition to build voter participation in future elections and to build community along the way. It’s a way to meet some of your neighbours possibly, and ride the bus to the polls.”

As with all CCFC initiatives, it’s a free, non-partisan, community action simply to help those wishing to have their voice heard on election day, on October 21, 2019, Carmichael added. All they have to do is contact the Vote Bus organizers and register.

The bus will be family-friendly, with children welcome to accompany parents, even encouraged. Some people have no transportation or anyone who can give them a lift.

“Ask your neighbours to join you on the bus. Larger groups will be given priority choice of available time slots.”

They are also looking for volunteers to be neighbourhood block co-ordinators who live in the vicinity of the polling stations to help people get on the bus.

To volunteer, or get more information, or to register to ride the Vote Bus 2019, email Ian Carmichael or phone/text 604-798-8683 (604 798 VOTE).

To find a polling station, call 1-800-463-6868.

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