Artist Shauna Johnson featured at new exhibition at the Rock Family Gallery, in the Mission Arts Centre. / Submitted Photo

Wood You Look at That exhibition at Mission gallery

Rock Family Gallery, in the Mission Arts Centre, hosting exhibition by local artist Shauna Johnson

The Rock Family Gallery, located in the Mission Arts Centre, is currently hosting an exhibition by local artist, Shauna Johnson.

The exhibit consists of a selection of wildlife and landscape paintings using wood as support, integrating natural features of the wood into the composition.

“Nearly every day I take a moment to look at something in my surroundings and think, ‘How would I paint that?’ I have an extensive list of ideas, sketches and photos I plan to develop into paintings, but often get lost in how to settle on just one concept to focus on at a given time,” said Johnson.

“As I stare at a blank canvas with unlimited potential, suddenly a flurry of ideas starts clashing as if in battle to claim victory. While all this is going on, my creative juices freeze up and hang like icicles from my fingertips.

“A block was just what I needed to overcome my artistic block! Wood You Look at That is an expression of nature inspired by nature. Each piece is worked out around the natural wood features to create a connection between subject and substrate.”

The exhibition runs until May 1. The gallery is open from noon to 4 p.m. Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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