Picnic areas, benches, playgrounds, and just about anything one can touch is off limits during COVID-19. (Ryan Uytdewilligen/Langley Advance Times)

What can people still do outside during COVID-19?

A list of ideas that can still be done in order to get a little exercise and fresh air

With people cooped up in their homes to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and closures of countless recreational facilities, many families are wondering what they can do – particularly with their children – if they do step out side for fresh air.

Closed in Langley Township is the sports fields, playgrounds, the disc golf course, park parking lots, skate parks, all courts, picnic facilities, baseball diamonds, soccer nets, running tracks, community gardens, dog parks, batting cages, and even select benches.

In Langley City, almost all of the same applies, plus attractions like the Sendall Gardens.

A good rule of thumb – it would seem – is that if the outdoor activity is touchable or involves more than one person, it is prohibited until further notice.

B.C. Health Officials have advised everyone to keep two full metres apart to help slow virus spreading.

While everything imposed has been done for the safety and betterment of the community, it does force people to get creative in their time spent getting exercise or a moment of outdoor time.

Here are a few ideas that people can still safely do if they with to step out of their homes.

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For folks with a backyard, a fenced in haven for youngsters to run, play, and be active absolutely helps reduce the feelings of cabin fever. For others, the luxury of having a backyard is not an option.

While a plot of fresh green grass can harbour exercises such as stretching, sit-ups, yoga, or kicking a ball back and forth – these activities can still be carried out on the grass at a park; given people are adhering to the two meter rule and not touching public property other than the grass itself.

Trails are still open at Aldergrove Regional Park, Portage Park, and Campbell Valley, meaning a leisurely walk, a jog, or a bike ride – using one’s own bicycle are still an option to keep the body moving.

Rollerblading on a flat concrete surface, keeping at a distance from others, is also acceptable.

Got an easel to paint on or a camera to snap pictures with? Why not indulge in the arts on a warm day and capture the landscape?

If the wind picks up and you’ve got a kite lying around, an empty field will be a perfect place for some entertainment?

A patch of your sidewalk or driveway could be a grand canvass for chalk art or a place to write an inspiring message.

Voices and communication are important at times like this; indoor games like I Spy, simple storytelling, or evening singing together can be done outdoors.

Roll down the windows and go for an old-fashioned drive out to and around the country.

Any ideas to share on what to safely do outdoors while adhering to COVID-19 rules? Email entertainment@langleyadvancetimes.com to add to the list.


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