VIDEO: Langley farm transforms to fantasy world

VIDEO: Langley farm transforms to fantasy world

Filmmakers create short film with 'tones of Lord of the Rings, but less fantastical and more gritty'

Miranda Fatur/Special to the Langley Advance Times

A Langley farm has been turned back in time to medieval days of magic, mystics, and orcs.

That’s because Vancouver-based Easterbrook Productions are filming a short film, called Plains of Snow, at the Grene Wode farm this month.

“We decided to shoot it out in your area [Langley] because of the fantastic location,” explained executive producer Nathan Easterbrook.

He transformed the farm’s barn into a medieval-style tavern, complete with tapestries and chandeliers.

“The outside of the building already looks the part,” he explained ahead of filming.

Plains of Snow from Kat Ruston on Vimeo.

The short film is centred on a mystical element called “mana,” which is popular in fantasy video games, books, and films.

Mana provides the user with magic powers. In the fictional world of Plains of Snow, Easterbrook explained how mana is a mined resource.

However, the mana byproduct is presented as a terrible drug – comparable to cocaine or heroin – which is taking over the community. A group of characters tries to take out the mana mines to save users from its powerful grasp.

Aside from the fictional storyline, Easterbrook explained the film also touches on real world concerns, such as substance abuse.

“It ties in with our world problems now, with the opioid crisis and addiction problems,” he said.

“Our story follows a group of people who are in the process of starting a revolution and want to take down the mana mines and release the hold it has over people.”

Braye Dial, writer and creator of the film, said the storyline has been building in his mind for “most of a decade.”

“I’m a supernerd. Comic books – fantasy novels in particular – have always been a love and passion of mine. The story we’re wanting to tell is very much inspired by the fantastical power of humans and orcs,” he added.

One of his biggest goals of the film is to show viewers the magic of the fantasy realm.

“It brings a tear to my eye when I think about it, because I can’t believe I get the opportunity to tell this story.”

In total, there are about 50 cast and crew members working to bring Plains of Snow to life.

After the initial film comes to life this summer, Easterbrook explained that the production company will use it as a pitch for a future eight-part mini series.

“The show is going to introduce people to the types of magic they will see in this world. We’re going for a gritty take on this fantasy genre. I love fantasy so much, and I want to ground it a bit more and have people experience it in a realistic way,” Dial added.

The production company also launched a campaign to raise money for things like costumes and props.

Filming officially started on June 15.

Cast members in the show have a variety of film credits and experience, including Alex Paunovic (from Van Helsing), Chad Rook (from The Flash), Adam Klassen (from Legends of Tomorrow), Kat Ruston (The 100), Trevor Lerner (Virgin’s River), Melanie Ellyce (Prank Patrol), Jesse Arthur Carroll (Hailey Dean Mystery films), Braye Dial (Damnation), and Allison Brunet, Andew Nadanyi, and Ian Greenwell (stunts).

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