The cast of Lucid. (SydArt/Special to the Langley Advance Times)

VIDEO: Development of sci-fi show shot around Langley stalls amid pandemic

Hollywood's pilot season - a busy time for the industry - has completely stopped due to COVID-19

He goes by the screen name SYDART.

And for the last few years, he’s been involved in entertainment industry while studying myths, ancient history, anthropology, religion, and science.

Combining his interests into one single outlet, the writer and photographer penned a science-fiction/action series for television called Lucid.

SYDART said the show follows a failed actor who developed an ability to transmit his conscious to his doppelgangers in other universes and disrupts the balance of reality.

“This show will combine M-Theory and quantum physics with spirituality, Native American history and ancient Sumerian mythology,” he explained.

Lucid’s pilot episode has already gone to camera, directed by Marlon Hero, and almost exclusively shot around the Langley area.

SYDART said they have the first three seasons laid out – comprised of 10 episodes per season.

With the first episode complete and all of the supporting material packaged and ready to view by Hollywood producers, SYDART said COVID-19 has completely halted Lucid’s momentum.

“Well, we were in the middle of meetings with some big networks and this corona pandemic started and everything shut down,” he said. “Hopefully when we are back to routine we will continue from where we left and hopefully will approach some more TV and streaming networks, “Right now [the] sale is not made so I don’t have liberty to reveal the names of the networks.”

Outside of Lucid, SYDART said he had to stop all of his other productions and projects due to COVID-19 – producing a Russian comedy series before the increase of social distancing.

“Right now I am in quarantine and can’t go out so I am recording some podcasts with some actors and friends,” he added.

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SYDART is keeping his faith that the show will get picked up in the future.

The traditional pilot season in Hollywood is between January and April, a time when the studios create samples of new shows and look at other productions to potentially prep for the fall season.

With coronavirus closures, it’s not yet clear how that will effect television production of both proposed and existing shows.

SYDART said COVID-19 has been, by far, the biggest challenge in the process; the low budget production produced by SYDART himself was relatively smooth – bringing together local actors and crew members to help shoot the project throughout much of 2019.

SYDART is an internationally recognized photographer and writer. People can find out more about him and the pilot episode of Lucid on Internet Movie Database.


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