The Affolter brothers, Thomas, Heath, Jon and Nathan, are filming their movie, The Undertaker’s Son, in Langley.

The Affolter brothers, Thomas, Heath, Jon and Nathan, are filming their movie, The Undertaker’s Son, in Langley.

UPDATE: Filmmakers pick Langley as backdrop for shorts

Two competing film crews from the Crazy8s contest are shooting in Langley this weekend.

Langley will serve as a backdrop this weekend for yet another film crew.

That, in itself, is not uncommon in Langley.

But, what makes this shoot different is that two of the Crazy8s contest finalists – the Affolter brothers (directors, writers, and producers) and The Prince team – are hoping Langley can serve as backdrop for the filming of their productions.

The Affolter brothers will be in town filming The Undertaker’s Son at a property in North Langley, Friday through Sunday.

The brothers – Nathan, Heath, Jon, and Thomas – will be in Langley in early February, filming a short Western about how a young man’s life is forever changed when he joins his father at work for his first day of learning the macabre family business – undertaking.


CAPTION: Thomas Affolter

“We are shooting out at ‘Jamestown’ which is on the Macinnes Ranch,” explained Thomas. “Kevin Macinnes runs the site, where they also film TV series such as When Calls the Heart, and it’s essentially an old west town that’s built to look like something straight out of the 19th century.”

The foursome were one of 216 teams that applied to be a part of the Crazy8s short film competition in early November with an online video pitch.

A shortlist of 40 semi-finalists was chosen to pitch their projects in person to the lauded film and TV jury.

Thirteen were then chosen to move forward into the next stage of competition – intensive story editing session with an expert group of script doctors.

The 13 scripts were then reviewed and hotly debated at the final jury meeting on Jan. 8, and at last they announced the six winning teams that will be making their short films.



CAPTION: Patrick Sabongui and Kyra Zagorsky will be in town with their crew filming The Prince this weekend.

In addition to the Affolter brothers, apparently another Crazy8s contender lead by director and writer Kyra Zagorsky, will be in town this weekend filming The Prince.

This team will be in town filming at Harold’s Custom Equipment Rentals in Walnut Grove on Saturday.

They’re short is the story about self-identity and how those around us see us, versus how we see ourselves.

“In a world fraught by division and misunderstanding, it’s important to tell stories that humanize and bring us together,” Zagorsky said, noting their production – being produced by Patrick Sabongui, Janene Carleton, Danielle Stott Roy, and Robin Nielsen – is inspired by true events.

“A young dancer and her uncle are forced to confront what it means to be Middle-Eastern Canadians in a post9-11 world, after they are victims of a violent confrontation on public transportation.”

Crazy8s teams had less than a month to prepare in advance of their production start dates on Friday, Feb. 10.

From there, they’ll be given $1,000 cash and significant in-kind assistance from the local film community, and have eight days of shooting, editing, and posting.

The completed films will screen Feb. 25, at the #Crazy8sFilm17 gala at The Centre with the official AfterParty at Science World. It “is the largest single film event in B.C., having been attended last year by over 1,700 people,” Thomas noted.


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