The Dudes prepare for the Nelson stage

From sharing the stage with male strippers to Nelson's Spiritbar, {vurb} catches up with Scott Ross of The Dudes.

The Dudes prepare to rock Nelson's Spiritbar.

The Dudes prepare to rock Nelson's Spiritbar.

Since The Dudes came together in 1996, they haven’t aspired for national and international fame. Instead they focused on playing for as many Calgarians as possible.

“It’s been a slow burn,” said The Dudes drummer Scott Ross. “We’ve never been one of those bands who’s had instant success. It’s been a fun slow burn. It’s been really rewarding. We’ve been championing the City of Calgary to prove it’s about writing good songs and not where you pay your rent.”

Musical inspiration for Ross  came early and in the form of hip hop and later on So-Cal Punk.

“I enjoyed a lot of indie bands like Pavement, Archers of Loaf and the Pixies. I could see myself maturing into that but my heart was always in that teenaged punk rock phase,” he said.

Ross didn’t start playing drums until around the time that The Dudes formed.

The Dudes didn’t meet in a true rock and roll fairy tale kind of way, instead they met thanks to a Calgary trivia night and a guy who knew a guy.

“I only went to that bar because they were giving out $50 vouchers for free food and I went down because I was too broke to buy food,” he said. “I ended up joining this team for the trivia night and they were mutual friends with the guys who were in The Dudes.”

Ross said he played drums and his teammates said we know these guys who play music and the rest is history.

The Dudes – including their new drummer – Ross played the Metro seven days after he joined.

“On one side there were male strippers and on the other side there was an indie rock band,” he said. “There was only a thin purple curtain to separate us from the male genitalia and screaming women.”

The Dudes play Spiritbar Friday night.


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