Iris Garland, tea representative extraordinaire, at the library.

Iris Garland, tea representative extraordinaire, at the library.

Spice up your teatime with the flavours of loose teas

Last Monday evening, April 22, the Library threw open its doors to all tea lovers.

Last Monday evening, April 22, the Library threw open its doors to all tea lovers and also those who just wondered what all the excitement was about. A unique tea tasting took place which left everyone wondering why they hadn’t tasted these wonderful brews before.

Marilyn McKinnon, who originally came up with the tea tasting idea, welcomed the 33 people present, and then handed over to Iris Garand, a Company Tea Consultant.

The Steeped Tea Company began around 2006 in a very small, modest way with founders Hatem and Tonia Jahshan selling product out of their garage in Hamilton,Ontario. The business grew and in September 2012 was given financial backing after appearing on Dragon’s Den.

Since then the Company has expanded and continues to introduce new items, offering much paraphernalia associated with the ritual of brewing loose leaf tea, namely individual strainers, teapots with mesh infusers inside, a heart shaped cup and saucer set in jewel bright colours, cake , scone and savoury mixes, soaps…the list goes on.

There was a frisson of excitement when the tea tasting began and a line of tasters gathered around the tables, deciding which of the many teas on display to try first and which of the tasty treats to sample(all made from mixes produced by the Company).

The teas are very aromatic, and come in traditional flavours, like Earl Grey; green teas in many flavours; fruit teas and rooibos teas which are very popular for their antioxidant properties and the fact that they are caffeine free; wellness teas to help manage stress and organic teas. Quite a variety, and far too many to choose from in a single evening!

If you have never experienced the enhanced flavour of loose leaf tea, I can promise that you will be amazed by the added richness. You may even want to move away from teabags altogether or at least keep them for use when time is short. Incidentally, plants love the used leaves in their soil especially roses, I am told.

I am confident that we will have another tea tasting in the future, so watch this space and remember, whenever you are feeling low: Tea Cheers!


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