Dylan O’Brien returns as Thomas in the final chapter of the Maze Runner: The Death Cure. (20th Century Fox photo)

Reel Reviews: The maze is solved

We say, "Maze Runner: The Death Cure may be a fate worse than death."

The cure carrying youth of a nearly desolate Earth are planning to escape persecution by sailing away to a deserted island. The authorities, still wanting to harvest their blood to cure the epidemic wiping out humanity, continue their terrifying experiments while hunting down the last of the resistance. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the remaining Maze Runners are still running.

We say, “The Death Cure may be a fate worse than death.”

TAYLOR: From the beginning, the characters in these films don’t know what’s going on, they run from threat to fight then hide and ask each other questions.. Then they repeat that process, very slowly gaining information vital to the plot, which gets thinner, more convoluted, more preposterous. The Death Cure, thankfully the final chapter, continues in this vein. I have seen all the films, I now have all the answers and they are consistently laughable. These films vacillate between being head-shakingly, eye-rollingly unbelievable and then uniformly uninteresting. From the opening scene, I began noticing: That looks fake. What a dumb thing to say. Really? Wow, right place, right time. Fight, run, talk, fight, run, talk.

HOWE: It feels like this franchise was written after other teen post-apocalyptic novels/movies, taking all the best bits from them and then making one truly awful story. That could be a little unfair to say about the whole saga seeing as I really enjoyed the Maze Runner due to its looks and special effects. The Scorch Trails fell away about half way through and in The Death Cure it felt like they ran out of money making it and just wanted to get it finished fast, cheap and out in the theatres to cash in before anyone found out how poor it is.

TAYLOR: The thing the bad guys needed, the thing this whole story is about, is something that was there all along and they were, in fact, in possession of it in the first place, before the first film even started. It is hardly what I would call a satisfactory solution to an interesting mystery. This is a tale built entirely of plot devices that simply cheat and withhold information. To be fair, I am specifically saying the Maze Runner is a stupid story, top to bottom, entirely derivative and vapid, but also that this was a very poorly executed series of films. It’s a failure to bring us something that wasn’t very good in the first place. However, despite its shortcomings, of the three films, if there is any satisfaction to be had you will find it here. Don’t fail to view the entire trilogy if you’ve already embarked. While you’re watching it, make a checklist of what’s happening and who is saying what. You’ll soon discover my hatred for bad filmmaking.

HOWE: The acting is terrible. The whole plot that makes the series hold together is silly. We have said this before about certain films that instead of making two or three bad movies shorten them and make one good movie. The Death Cure is a little over two hours of pure mind-numbing, time-wasted boredom that I will never get back. I feel that they tried to make this a little too grown up for younger audiences and a little too silly for the older generation to enjoy.

Taylor gives Maze Runner: The Death Cure 1.5 minutes of entertainment.

Howe gives it 1 vial of serum out of 5.

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