Murder’s on the menu in Langley

Trevor Jenkins is bringing his Grim Reaper murder mystery dinner to Zythos Greek Mediterranean Grill

A little stake with your steak, perhaps? How about poisson with a side of poison? How, why and at whose hands the hapless victim will meet the Grim Reaper remains to be seen, but Trevor Jenkins promises his murder mystery dinner theatre will serve up a killer show when he brings it back to Langley on Thursday, March 24. It’s been several years since Jenkins’ Grim Reaper Mysteries have come to town. This time, the Agatha Christie drawing room-style murder mystery will unfold in the dining room of Zythos Greek Mediterranean Grill in north Langley. The show, titled Heritage of Murder concerns a group of people brought together by an anonymous letter. Each person gathered has received a torn out piece of a cryptic code and so, it would seem, has the corpse on the floor. If they can put it all together, there’s treasure to be had — enough treasure to kill for. Combining theatrical script, parlour games and audience participation, the murder mystery theatre will be accompanied by a Mediterranean style feast and prizes will be handed out to whomever figures out ‘whodunnit’ — or comes up with a well-thought-out, if incorrect, guess. Clues will be set about the room and guests will be invited to play detective while they eat. Tickets are $39.95. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and the show begins at 6:45 p.m. Call 604-888-8758 to reserve. Zythos Greek Mediterranean Grill is located at 19828 Telegraph Trail.

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