Maple Ridge author, Lucky Lauridsen, promotes her new book, Voices of the 21st Century. (Special to the NEWS)

Maple Ridge author co-writes a collection of women’s inspirational stories

Lucky Lauridsen has been working with seniors for over 30 years

Lucky Lauridsen has made caring for seniors her life’s purpose.

She has been a nurse for over 30 years, was an owner/ administrator of a senior’s housing community, and is the founder of Age-Wise Business solutions with helps organizations create senior-friendly brands.

Her latest venture has been as co-author of the international best-seller, Voices of the 21st-Century: Powerful Passionate Women who make a Difference.

She was one of 40 women who shared inspirational stories within its pages.

Her tale, “The Greatest Gift,” tells of her own personal “aha!”moment, where Lauridsen witnessed an older lady who was treated without compassion or courtesy, which lead her to create a training system to help business employees better understand the challenges facing seniors.

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Lauridsen said there is a pretty clear message in her chapter of the book.

“We as a society share a responsibility to better support seniors in our communities,” she said.

“Whether it’s on the job, in the community at large, or even within our families.”

She wanted to show the options available to create, and live in a senior-friendly world, and why it matters to everybody, including today’s young adults.

The timing of the book could not have been better, Lauridsen added.

“It provides real life stories of resilience through tragic and difficult situations,” she said.

“Every woman in this book has a message to offer the world, and I think many people will be able to relate to these stories; and find hope and inspiration in these powerful messages right now, while others will be moved to step forward to make a difference.”

Lauridsen said she felt humbled to be a part of the book, and noted how rewarding it was to collaborate and connect with her co-writers from around the globe.

“I was inspired by the stories and the bravery of the authors in the book to share their story,” she said.

“I knew that I too had a very important message, and I felt compelled to share it in an effort to make a difference for seniors and for our younger generation.”

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While being published comes late in Lauridsen’s life, she said the written word always held a special place for her.

Lauridsen recalls her experience at Pitt Meadows Elementary fondly.

“When I was in Grade 6, I spent a lot of time in the library at school, I loved being around books, and I also enjoyed writing stories.

“I always got great marks for creative story telling, and for my illustrations, but not so much for my punctuation and grammar,” she joked.

“But I remember thinking then– when I grow up, one day I’m going to be a writer.”

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