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Lawnchair travel series: Fly Bouchie Air

Bring your own lawn chair, come in costume if you want and enjoy

Friends of Bouchie-Milburn Society is hosting its fourth Lawnchair Travel Series at Bouchie Lake Hall every Thursday evening beginning on Feb. 8.

There will be seven flights to seven different destinations with seven different pilots.

Flights leave at 7 p.m. for these destinations:

• Mongolia’s Altai Mountains – Horse Trekking & the

Golden Eagle Festival

• The Culture of Kathmandu and Tibetan Buddhism

• Trekking in Nepal

• 1758 to 1759: Cape Breton & up the St. Lawrence River

• African Safari

• Invictus Games in Toronto

• Flip Flops in Venice, Croatia and Cinque Terre

Boarding passes: $4 (Economy Class) or $6 (First Class) and there are Frequent Flyer Discounts. This year, passports will be issued.

Fly First Class and make sure you dress for the trip!

The first flight is on Feb. 8 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Mongolia’s Altai Mountains – Horse Trekking & the Golden Eagle Festival with captain Sarah Champagne.

Mongolia has always been on Sarah’s destination list.

As the least-densely populated independent country on the planet, Mongolia has vast swathes of nearly untouched wilderness and is a paradise for trekking and exploring.

Travelling by horse is the traditional mode of transportation and offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the region’s nature and people.

Inspired by the epic landscapes and rich culture of the Kazakh eagle hunters, Sarah chose to visit the remote Altai Mountains in the far west of Mongolia.

Her journey covered 300km by horseback and took her into the summer and winter residences of the nomadic people, past ancient petroglyphs, through remote valleys, and over steep mountain passes near the Siberian border.

Her trek finished with the Golden Eagle Festival, where eagle hunters gather each year to test the skill and training of their eagles and participate in traditional horse games.

See the Lawnchair Travel: Bouchie Lake facebook page for more information, or contact Heloise at 250-249-5329, or or

All funds collected go to support initiatives in Bouchie-Milburn community.

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