Kimberley City Bakery's Medieval Festival this weekend

Kimberley City Bakery’s Medieval Festival this weekend

This will be the last festival that the local bakery will be hosting.

The Kimberley City Bakery’s Medieval Festival returns this weekend, the last time for the local bakery owners.

Michelle and Eric Forbes own the bakery and have hosted the Medieval Festival for the past four years.

“We started this festival [a few years ago] as a way of promoting the bakery. It was only supposed to be the one year. It has grown way more than we anticipated, and the vikings wanted us to bring it back, which we have done year after year,” said Eric, adding that it’s time to pass the torch. The duo are looking for a group to take over the festival.

“We wanted to create a free festival that was accessible for everyone, families, no matter their financial situation,” explained Michelle, adding that donations are gratefully appreciated.

This year will see the return of many old favourites, such as rat on a stick, and the addition of some new and exciting activities and vendors.

“We’re going to have way more vikings than ever before. We have almost 60 vikings which is three times more than last year,” said Michelle. “The vikings are really looking forward to it, they say that it’s one of their favourite festivals.”

What some may not know is that Eric does all the cooking for the vikings over the weekend. Cliff’s Meats and Kootenay Meadows are on board to help the vikings eat in style.

“I try to make it as historically accurate as possible,” Eric said.

The bakery will of course be one of the vendors, along with many others including viking dolls, medieval hair ties, shields, and jewelry.

Take a walk through Viking Village and check out the live demonstrations and combat.

“Experience a day in the life of a viking,” said Michelle. “There will be all sorts of crafts, weapons, and even some live forging (so long as there is no fire ban).”

There will also be Medieval Mass on Sunday, July 14. Michelle says it is a collaboration between the Anglican and United churches, with medieval music by Daniel Bailey.

“It’s beautiful music and Daniel does a really great job at putting it together,” said Michelle.

Those who plan to attend the closing ceremonies on Sunday should also prepare for a “big announcement” about the future of the festival. The announcement will take place following the parade through the Platzl and into the gazebo.

The schedule of events is as follows:

Saturday, July 14

10a.m. Festival opens with a parade through the Platzl and Opening Ceremonies.

10:45a.m. Viking Village, Markey, and Knight Village open.

11a.m. Viking fights commence with a minimum of two shows per group. Kids vs. Viking fights and Minstrels also taking place.

5p.m. Festival grounds close to public.

Sunday, July 15

9a.m. Medieval Mass in the Platzl Gazebo

10a.m. Festival grounds open

3:30p.m. Muster for parade to the Platzl

3:45p.m. Parade through Platzl

4p.m. Closing ceremonies

4:30p.m. Last and final march from the Platzl, festival grounds closed to public

Note that the Bakery will be closed on Friday, July 13 as well as Monday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 17.

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