Young women can learn a cappella, four-part harmony in the new Young Women of the Kalamalka Chorus, part of the Vernon Kalamalka Chorus. No previous musical experience is necessary.

Kalamalka Chorus welcomes young women

Young women with little or no, or any previous musical training can learn a cappella, four-part harmonies.

The voice, the oldest musical instrument, still brings pleasure to singers and listeners.

There is always more to learn and now young women with little or no, or any previous musical training can learn from some of the best.

Members of the Vernon Kalamalka Chorus welcome young women who want to know more about a cappella, four-part harmony to the new Young Women of the Kalamalka Chorus.

“We are looking for young women with a love of singing. You can learn to sing,” said Debra Parmenter who will be co-leading the group, with Carol Abernathy.

“Singing is one of the most basic of human activities. Wanting to make a noise is innate. It starts with humming and then you can learn to carry a tune, keep pitch, sing with others. It becomes part of you. We can teach you to do that. We do it because we love it and we want to share that.”

Parmenter remembers a teacher saying about her, “That kid will keep singing forever.”

So far, that’s been true. Parmenter, a high school teacher, has gone on to take singing lessons, be active in a variety of singing groups and in musical theatre. She is an ARTC voice teacher and is working on more director certification programs and in vocal production.

“The voice can be the most thrilling thing ever — you can make gorgeous sounds. I love it when students ‘get it’ and say ‘That’s fun. Thank you.’ Then I see them go on and keep learning and accomplish their goals and still have fun,” she said.

“Music is inspiring and singing with a group can be elating. All the parts are important and they come together to make something incredibly beautiful.”

The Vernon Kalamalka Chorus, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, sings at community events and has travelled to Europe. The members look forward to having the young women join them.

“This is something women do for themselves. It’s a team where everybody wins because it is something we do just for the enjoyment of it, the joy we had in singing as children,” said Parmenter.

Young Women of the Kalamalka Chorus is open to women from Grade 8 to age 25. The group will sing a variety of music, all in English. The first meeting is Sept. 14 from 6 to 7 p.m. at The Halina Centre. Participants can then stay for the rehearsal of the Vernon Kalamalka Chorus at 7:15 p.m. if they choose. The first month is free and there will be a payment after that.

For more information contact Pamenter at 250-558-5591,


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