Local musicians playing at a previous Edgefest. Submitted photo.

Intimate-style music, camping festival returns to Lac La Hache area

Campers are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages to Edgefest. There will be no vendors.

Have you ever heard of a festival where regulars call if they can’t make it?

The intimate-style music and camping festival Lori-Lyn Graham and her partner Dave have been putting on for the past 12 years attracts exactly that kind of dedicated regular.

“That’s kind of the camaraderie of Edgefest,” she said.

Edgefest started out as 50th birthday celebration for Dave and his friends.

The group couldn’t find a party venue in the lower mainland, so Graham said they came up to their 40-acre lot, in the 111 Mile valley, just south of Lac la Hache.

The couple carried the celebration on every year after that, even installing a permanent stage and seven permanent outhouses.

You could say, they’re always ready for a festival.

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Graham said people should be prepared for basic camping. They can set up tents or bring RVs, but there are no hookups available. There will be a jam session Friday night and live music from local bands such as The Way Out and Space Waste on Saturday.

A tattoo artist was set to attend, for small pieces, but Graham said he broke his collarbone and had to cancel.

Unlike some festivals, campers are encouraged to bring their own food and beverages. There will be no vendors.

“We do a potluck dinner on Saturday late afternoon/early evening and then we leave a donation bucket for people that couldn’t bring a dish so that if they feel guilty for eating and not contributing, they can throw some money in the kitty to go back towards the cause.”

Graham will also cook breakfast Sunday morning, using food donated from the Lac la Hache Food Mart, the Lac la Hache Bakery, Butcher Bob’s in Forest Grove, Frank’s Custom Meat and Cindy’s 112 B.C. Fruit.

“So even if people show up and they don’t have food, there is food,” she said. “Chip in do what you can.”

The overall festival turnout tends to vary, she said, “last year it was kind of iffy because of the forest fires and somebody vandalized my posters. This year someone stole my road signs,” she laughed, “but we have had 100 people here before.”

Edgefest’s proceeds have always been donated to local organizations.

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“We have a rotating roster,” said Graham. “So, for instance, we’ve donated to the 100 Mile Hospice Society, we’ve donated to the 100 Mile SPCA, the Lac la Hache PAC (Parent Advisory Council), the Lac la Hache Volunteer Fire Department, the Lac la Hache arena, oh, and last year was for a victim of the forest fires.”

Graham said this year’s proceeds will to the Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department. When asked if the fire department will be at the festival in any capacity, she replied, “Nope. They don’t even know they’re getting money.”

The festival will run the weekend of Aug. 24, 25 and 26. Festival grounds can be found by turning right on Spring Lake Road, off Highway 97, and driving for about 17.5 km.

Tickets are $25 per person and can only be purchased right at the gate. It’s also important to note that this is an adults-only event and pets are not welcome.

Sadly, Jim and Larry won’t be there, because Larry’s family planned a surprise 80th birthday party for him. Graham said the pair of bikers have been coming to the festival for the past five years and called her when they found out they couldn’t make it.

“Well, you come out here, you meet a stranger and you come out next year cause they’re your friend,” she laughed.


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