IMUR mixes genres at Barefoot Resort

A Vancouver-based musical duo is bringing a treasure chest full of genres to the Barefoot Beach Resort on Aug. 20.

A Vancouver-based musical duo is bringing a treasure chest full of genres to the Barefoot Beach Resort on Aug. 20.

IMUR (pronounced ‘I am you are’) have recently put together their debut EP Drive Slow, and they’re travelling the province to show it off.

Their range is nothing short of dynamic.

“We pull influence from a vast range of electronic, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, and progressive pop,” said singer-songwriter Jenny Lea. “We use deep ambiance, tasteful instrumentation, warm bass lines and beats rooted in ‘90s hip hop to pull our sound together.”

“When we use the term organic we are referring to the fact that although we are using newer technology and more ambient sounds, we strive to make everything sound as natural as possible. We do this by using live composition during shows, and integrating acoustic instrumentation such as guitar, keys, and vocals.”

The other half of IMUR is producer Mikey J Blige.

“We’ve got the ebb and flow on lock,” Lea said about the partnership. “In creation, Mikey takes care of composition and production, while I write lyrics, melody and take care of business,” Lea said. “On stage I’m the front-woman while Mikey is the maestro. We know what we each bring to the table, and very quickly and naturally found our pace and place.”

The sounds of guitar are produced live on stage as well as all vocal elements, which is melded with pre-recorded synthesizers and drum beats.

“Mikey adds DJ style effects throughout the performance. With this set up, we never get the same performance twice.”

She said the atmosphere will offer a somewhat sedated state.

“Overall people generally feel what we felt when writing the songs: introspective.”

The album which their show is centred around will share their introspections about self-doubt, heartache and vices. It’s “super chipper,” Lea said.

The duo’s attitude is partially due to forgoing B.C.’s hot summer in order to take their project seriously.

“We’ve been locked in the studio during one of the most beautiful summers Vancouver has ever seen, happily busting our un-tanned asses,” she said.

Opening the evening will be local DJ Kryogen, followed by Simple Machines from Vancouver.

Admission is by donation.



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