From left, actor Ricky Marty-Pahtaykan (and son), tour director Ian Speirs, Smithers mayor Taylor Bachrach and Inuit rap star Hyper Tee. (Tom Best photo)

Grizzlies movie a stark depiction of Arctic life

Film star and music composer visit Smithers Secondary School

Life in the north of Canada has never been easy but the locals have somehow come to grips with the difficulties and rewards it has to offer.

The Grizzlies is a wonderful film that shows that life with no holds barred. It takes a close look at one of the most difficult parts of that life- youth suicide – and some of the ways that they come to terms with it.

It also takes a look at the realities of daily life. High prices, the difference in how that culture deals with the differences between how those in the south react to various issues compared to the traditions of such a long-based culture.

The movie is very well produced and acted. It also took a good look at how sports programs can have a very positive effect on youth and others when a young teacher starts a lacrosse program which eventually has members attend a national competition.

It’s really a no holds barred movie which takes a lot of looks at both the good and difficult aspects of life in that part of our country which very few of us ever get to experience first hand.

Smithers Secondary students had the good fortune to see this film last week in Della Herman Theatre as part of the winding down events of the school year.

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