Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is the subject of the Vernon Public Art Gallery’s Pinot and Paint Night Feb. 6. The event, coinciding with the Vernon Winter Carnival, puts both a glass of pinot, gris or noir, and a paintbrush in participants’ hands as they work to recreate the masterpiece, bringing their attempts home at the end. (Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory/VPAG image)

Gallery gears up for wine, art-fuelled fun

Vernon Public Art Gallery hosts Pinot and Paint night as part of Vernon Winter Carnival Feb. 6

It’s a match made in heaven.

At least Vernon thought so after the Vernon Public Art Gallery’s Pinot and Paint night won best new event for last year’s Winter Carnival. And they’re bringing the pinot and paintbrushes back Feb. 6.

“We made the commitment that we want it to continue to be part of Winter Carnival,” said VPAG executive director Dauna Kennedy Grant.

Now in its second year, Pinot and Paint brings in two local artists sought out by the gallery, James Postill and Jackie Harris, to lead participants in a wine-fuelled evening with the end goal of crafting a painting inspired by Salvador Dali’s monumental and whimsical piece, The Persistence of Memory.

“Based on the theme of Winter Carnival (Alice in Wonderland), we picked this piece by Salvador Dali,” Kennedy Grant said. “The surrealist movement was about bringing dreams to real life.”

Marketing and programming coordinator Laura Ashton agreed.

“I think this work is very accessible and grandiose,” Ashton said of The Persistence of Memory, adding that it is likely the Spanish surrealist’s most well-known painting.

“It will be interesting to see how different the pieces will be because of the two leading artists,” Kennedy Grant added, noting that the overall piece will be largely the same, with detailed variances appearing in aspects such as colour palettes and methods of attack.

Backed by the Winter Carnival and armed with one of the most influential works of the 20th century, the purpose of VPAG’s Pinot and Paint is twofold: supporting a longtime Vernon tradition and generating an interest in art.

“I think it’s a less intimidating way to approach art for those who don’t necessarily have an art background,” Kennedy Grant said.

However, Kennedy Grant said, educated art enthusiasts can have just as much fun with Pinot and Paint.

“It’s more about the experience than the final result,” Ashton said.

And it’s an experience that left an impact from last year’s event, with tickets selling out in record time. Participants are supplied with a canvas and required materials and have the opportunity to bring their creation home at the end of the evening.

“We’re just happy to be a part of Winter Carnival again,” Kennedy Grant said.

While they may not be able to win best new event again at the 58th annual Vernon Winter Carnival, one thing is for sure: the Vernon Public Art Gallery is ready to host a lively evening of painting and pinot (gris and noir) fun.

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