Folk band brings natural elements to album

Kelowna band Tiger Moon will be releasing their first full-length album June 9

The sound of a crackling fire and the ‘thump’ of snow falling off the roof can be heard on one Kelowna folk band’s latest album.

The musicians of Tiger Moon are releasing their first full-length record Cariboo & Whiskey Friday, June 9.

Founders Dan Tait, 29, and Kasey Graff, 31, took an unconventional road for recording their album, traveling to old churches in Barkerville during the dead of winter.

“We didn’t want to do a standard recording and we didn’t want to spend all our time in the studio… and all our ideal options were in the Cariboo region,” said guitarist/vocalist Tait.

Originally, the band planned to record the album in January 2016, in a cabin near 100 Mile House, but decided to wait a year and let the songs mature. Their love of simple lifestyles and nature drew them to the old churches in Barkerville, after the plan fell through for the cabin.

“Though we love recording in a studio… we always figured when making a piece of art you should be in your zone,” said Tait.

“Since we recorded this album this past January, we decided we’re never going back to the studio. It’s going to be destination recordings from here on out.”

There’s an ambiance that comes with recording in the quiet locations.

“The bonus of recording in the old 160-year-old rooms is we would get the sound of the rooms, it’s hard to explain but there’s a certain amount of warmth,” said Tait. “It was part of the record, part of the sound up there.”


The tracks feature a new rhythm, bass and vocal team, Joshua Smith and Dylan Ranney, as well as guest musicians from around the Okanagan. The musicians are performing eight pieces during their CD release show in Kelowna, June 9 at the Kelowna Forum.

Guest musicians will also contribute to the performance with a guitar, bass, drums, trombone, piano, and more forming a mini orchestra. Tait will be playing guitar while singing along with Graff’s vocals and mandolin.

The band’s name, Tiger Moon, was created six months after Graff and Tait got together in 2012 and it involved a bottle of wine.

“We just couldn’t settle on a name, and it got to the point where it was a week away from a Parks Alive! show,” said Tait.

The pair sat down with their wine and columns of names. Five hours late Tiger Moon was born.

With Cariboo & Whiskey, Cariboo comes from the region which Tait and Graff share a fondness of, and whiskey comes from their love of the drink.

Being a couple for nearly five years and currently sharing a van together, they make it work by finding time to themselves.

Tait goes for walks and Graff finds her alone time while cooking.

“Ultimately we’re both on the same page… it’s a lot of learning and understanding and patience,” said Tait.

They’ve also evolved musically, becoming more mature.

“Year by year we’ve taken a much more professional approach to our music,” he added.

The couple creates a storyboard for the songs and do pre-production and arranging of songs beforehand.

“We’re kind of looking at it more of our trade now,” he said. “It’s our way to make our daily bread.”

Graff is originally from Rutland, while Tait is from Ottawa, moving to Kelowna six years ago. The couple currently live in their van as they tour across B.C. and are looking forward to playing at the Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival for the first time.

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Tickets for the Cariboo & Whiskey concert are available at the Bean Scene downtown, Milkcrate Records, Dunnenzies Downtown, and Mosaic Books.

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