Eclectica Community Choir hosting Spring Benefit Concert on May 15

Choir members hope to draw large crowd with their variety of 'eclectic' music

Jeremy Hannaford

Free Press

The Eclectica Community Choir will be hosting its Spring Benefit Concert on May 15 at the Martin Exeter Hall, and the members will be bringing an energetic and wide variety of music and sound.

This concert will feature a wide variety of music genres, including jazz, ballads, classical and international music.

It is this variety that conductor Marilyn Buyar hopes to bring in the crowds.

It’s the energy and the variety that people like about these concerts.”

Some of the songs to be featured, include Here Comes the Sun from The Beatles, an arrangement of Nash & Young songs, the French classic Dirait-on and more.

In total, there will be over eight choir pieces and two trios in the Here Comes the Sun concert. Accompanying Buyar on conducting duties will be Barbara Hooper, who will be conducting an Irish song called Rising of the Moon and Patricia Spencer who will be conducting Words of Chief Seattle.

The choir, which has been practising these songs since early January, has grown to a total of 57 members. Some members range from early teens to seniors in their mid-80s.

This is a very supportive group,” Hooper says about the group’s openness to newcomers.

We want everyone to come out and try.”

Several musicians will be accompanying the choir, including Donna Forward on piano, Curtis Wolfe on the fiddle, Mike Day on drums, Joanne Macaluso on spoons and Tom Fischer on the accordion.

The Eclectica Community Choir will be accepting cash donations as admission, and all proceeds will be going towards the Fischer Place/Mill Site Lodge and the 100 Mile District General Hospital auxiliaries.




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