HighKicks perform tonight at the Queen's.

HighKicks perform tonight at the Queen's.

Drinks, music unite rock duo

HighKicks perform at the Queen's tonight (March 25).

Danny Vacon was having a few drinks at the Broken City in Calgary when he decided to talk to bartender and drummer Matt Doherty.

“He was a bartender at my favourite drinking hole and I had seen him play in bands before. He was a wildly exciting drummer to watch,” Vacon said. “The only problem was he was in such horrible bands and I would still go to see them just to watch the drummer.”

It wasn’t long after their conversation that the two decided to create their own band.

“We just decided that we gotta do a thing,” Vacon said.

It wasn’t long after their formal agreement that Vacon had a surprise in store for his new bandmate.

“About a week and a half later I was like, ‘Matt, I booked us a show,’” he said. “We just got cracking and people dug it so we figured why not keep on doing it.”

On March 25, the Calgary rock duo known as the HighKicks will be performing at the Queen’s.

“We’re pretty stripped down and we’re pretty minimalistic,” Vacon said. “It’s just bass and drums … so it’s going to be sick and loud and super fun.”

The HighKicks’ self-titled album was released in 2013.

Their stop in the Harbour City is part of a Western Canadian tour that will take the Calgary duo through British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

“I always have loved Nanaimo,” Vacon said. “I love it there.”

The HighKicks’ tour kicked off with two performances on St. Patrick’s Day and will take them through Alberta, British Columbia and into Saskatchewan.

Vacon, who is also a member of The Dudes and Dojo Workhorse, said he’s looking forward to performing in two places in British Columbia for the first time.

“I’ve never been to Rossland and Prince George,” he said. “I have no idea what to expect out there.”

Since forming more than three years ago, the Calgary duo have released a self-titled EP.

“It’s good-time summer fun rock,” Vacon said.

HighKicks perform at the Queen’s on March 25 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. For more information, please  call 250-754-6751.

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