Devon Coyote takes it easy

This time around Devon Coyote is taking their time in polishing their next album

On this go around, Devon Coyote is taking their time.

Devon Bjarnason, vocalist and guitarist for Devon Coyote, said the methodology for the band’s fourth album is taking on a bit slower pace.

“Every time we’ve finished an album in the past we’re always in a rush to get the next one done kind of,” Bjarnason said. “This time we’re taking our time, we’ve got a couple of songs recorded already, but no real rush.”

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The band heads to Toronto for a festival and a few shows in June where they plan to get a few more songs done at The Record Room studio. They are aiming at a release sometime in 2018.

Bjarnason said the new album will be somewhat similar to their 2016 offering The Wind, focusing on a performance-based sound.

“Not necessarily using the studio to your advantage, being able to cut in and over dub all over the place. It’s like playing your part, playing it well and if you don’t, go back in and retry your part the next time,” Bjarnason said. “Not just recording a tiny bit and say oh you missed that chord lets punch it in. We did this on the last album. We wanted to make it very real.”

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Personally, Bjarnason finds a better sense of authenticity when listening to the finished product performed this way.

“Because I know the way it was recorded, I’ve recorded some songs in the past where you can use the studio as such a tool in a way. When it’s performance-based, for me, I can hear it. It brings a better sound for me at the end of the day,” Bjarnason said.

The band was excited to be invited to the Dream Music Festival for the first time this year.

“We obviously love the Dream Café. We played there a couple months ago now and just had a fantastic show. We got invited after that show,” Bjarnason said.

The Kelowna local has been taking on the challenging music industry for some time, and is happy to see some dividends these days.

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“I feel very fortunate to do a lot of the stuff we get to do with music. When I was younger and I started I never thought it would even get this big and we’re not even big,” Bjarnason laughed. “But we get to hop on a plane once and a while and fly somewhere and play our music. That’s like a dream come true.”

As a group Devon Coyote takes on the music industry by keeping their cards close to the chest. Bjarnason said they keep as much as they can in-house between the three members.

“We try not to get too many other people involved because what I find with the music industry is you get some people who do very little who expect a lot. While the three of us are doing a lot all the time and can end up with very little if we’re not careful,” Bjarnason said. “We try to keep it real to ourselves so that we’re happy doing it. The minute we become unhappy doing it, it’s going to lose its appeal.”

They find ways to cut out middlemen, like full-time managers or booking agents. Bjarnason said they still work with plenty of other people, but keep the important decisions within the band. Translating that philosophy to releasing an album has had Devon Coyote putting out their work a bit differently each time.

“Every time we do it, we do it a little different,” Bjarnason laughed. “I think this time we’ll do it different again. There’s so many avenues you can pursue in releasing an album.”

Balancing a cross-Canada tour with much of the work of mixing, mastering, promoting and releasing an album can be hectic. Hence, this time around they are taking more time to look at releasing a single and a possible music video.

“Releasing albums now is a lot different than it was even when I started playing music as a job quite a few years ago. People aren’t as into an albums as they are a single,” Bjarnason said. “Releasing an album is for the people who do follow us and like our music. They’re more into the whole album. So we try to keep those people happy because they’re the reason we get to play good shows.”

Devon Coyote joins the line up at the third annual Dream Music Festival at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre May 12 and 13. For tickets and more information visit www.thedreammusicfestival.ca.

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