D.O.A. coming out of retirement

Waverley Hotel, Friday, Feb. 6; Stiltskins opening

Legendary Canadian punk band D.O.A. will play at the Waverley in Cumberland, Feb. 6

Legendary Canadian punk band D.O.A. will play at the Waverley in Cumberland, Feb. 6

D.O.A., Canada’s most politically astute, controversial and always wildly entertaining band, is back.

The godfather of hardcore, Joe Keithley, had announced his retirement back in 2012 to take a run at formal politics in his native British Columbia.

That is out the window and D.O.A. is all set to come back with a vengeance.

“When I lost my nomination by five votes, I was pissed,” said Keithley. “But I soon realized that I had not forgotten how to write songs, how to sing and play guitar and how to kick ass up on stage! So I am ramping up D.O.A. again and we’re going to let our street politics tell the stories about what’s really happening!”

D.O.A., Canada’s protest band (in an unofficial and a Hell Yeah! official sort of way), will tour their beloved home province of British Columbia Jan. 30 to Feb. 7, including a stop at the Waverley Hotel in Cumberland on Friday, Feb. 6.

This will be in aid of the band’s No Oil Pipelines in B.C. Tour. In an effort to raise public awareness about this critical issue, D.O.A. will debut one of their new songs Pipeline Fever and will play Vancouver, Abbotsford, Victoria, Nanaimo and Cumberland, unless circumstance or the RCMP stop them first.

Joe Keithley founder of legendary punk band D.O.A. and lifetime activist, along with his bandmates Paddy Duddy and Mike Hodsall, have joined in the fight to try and stop the expansion of the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline and the quadrupling of tanker traffic in Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet.

The Kinder Morgan Corporation of  Texas runs a pipeline from Edmonton to its terminal in Burnaby and it has applied to Canada’s National Energy Board to triple its capacity and if approved will greatly increase the amount of tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet, carrying unrefined bitumen oil. It’s a dangerous move that our federal government has staked their electoral life upon.

“While touring Germany I was stunned by the amount of wind turbines and solar panels in use that are providing renewable energy, especially when you compare Germany to Canada,” Keithley said, after a recent European tour. “We are failing a great test as a country, we should be ashamed.

“I am almost sick to the stomach when Ian Anderson (president of Kinder Morgan Canada) shows up in continuous ads trying to tell me and my fellow citizens that we will be taken care of. That’s BS! I grew up on Burnaby Mountain and he doesn’t know jack about that beautiful place.

“As soon as their pipeline leaks, or a tanker hits a reef, they’ll be hiding behind a phalanx of lawyers and leaving the clean-up bill to the citizens of Burnaby and B.C. Is that fair?

“The terminal will likely employ about 30-40 people and the shipping will be done by under-insured tankers registered in Liberia and other countries that don’t give a damn about our coast. To approve this pipeline expansion is sad and not the least bit beneficial or financially efficient for B.C., not to mention the almost complete lack of morality and decency being displayed by Kinder Morgan in this matter.”

Stiltskins opening

The Stiltskins will open the show at the Waverley. Fast music with elements of rock, punk, metal, blues and even rockabilly.

Stiltskins have been playing since 2004 when the boys met up in Vancouver and started to define their sound.

Heavily influenced by punk and rock ‘n’ roll, the band has achieved a tight, fast and well groomed sound.

With the recent addition of harmonica the songs now lean a little more to the rock ‘n’ roll side.

For tickets ($20) to the show, go to cumberlandvillageworks.com.


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