The Human Condition Comedy Tour is coming to Revelstoke on Sept. 24 at the Craft Bierhaus. Proceeds from the event will support the Revelstoke Humane Society. (Submitted)

Comedy tour coming to Revelstoke Sept. 24

The event will be at the Craft Bierhaus with proceeds to the Revelstoke Humane Society

The Human Condition Comedy Tour is an innovative and monumental event coming to Revelstoke on Sept. 24 at Craft Bierhaus.

Three comedians are traveling all across Western Canada to lift spirits and raise money for an array of different local charities and causes, with the support of their sponsors, family, friends and fan bases.

This will be an amazing and entertaining experience for anyone involved.

“We wanted to put on a tour that represents human connection among others. Regardless of our differences it’s always beautiful to find a common cause that brings everyone together,” said Scott Porteous, comedian and tour organizer, in a news release.

Porteous is a Comedian based out of Winnipeg and is primarily responsible for planning this Comedy Tour for September 2019 alongside two other accomplished comedians Frank Russo and Shawn Gramiak.

Starting Sept. 2 they will be traveling across Western Canada to help raise money for numerous different charities including the Revelstoke Humane Society.

“We love doing comedy and we love to travel. We are honestly just being selfish in the most selfless way possible” said Porteous.

Each comic has such a different contrast of style and delivery to offer to the tour which really provides something for everyone.

Between Gramiak, an older veteran of the game with his ability to draw you in with storytelling and to dissect jokes with the precision of a surgeon, or Russo’s ability to take the mundane and drag it into the absurd. Tying it all together is Porteous’ incredibly awkward and hilarious self-deprecating demeanor; Porteous sprinkles his surreal stories with one-liners, mixing them all in like a slightly thinner comedic whisk.

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