Matthew Abery photo

Matthew Abery photo

COG Fashion: The highlights of this year’s club kid outfits

Festival fashion took over Kelowna's Downtown this weekend

Festival fashion is an ever evolving spectator sport, there are the modern hippies that descend on Coachella each year, the armies of plaid that dust off their boots for the Rockin’ River Country Music Fest and then there is, Centre of Gravity.

Multi-coloured, scantily clad, sun-worshipers, dance to the hard bass and shake to the drops as DJ’s take them on a journey through the sounds blasting through their speakers.

These club kids went all out.

C.R.E.A.M. #wutang #wutangforever #glittermakestheworldgoround

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What was your favourite look? What do you think about ‘festival fashion’?

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