Cloverdale singer Rayne is seen on the cover of her debut EP “False Love.” The six-song EP will be available on all streaming services beginning July 30. (Submitted)

Cloverdale singer Rayne to release debut EP

Lord Tweedsmuir alumna to launch six-song offering July 30

Cloverdale singer Rayne is releasing her first EP.

After signing with Anthem Entertainment in 2020 to release a single, The Low, Rayne is now going two-feet in with her debut EP called False Love.

The Tweedy alumna is set to release the six-song offering on all streaming platforms July 30.

“I’ve written it over the past little while with some really incredible songwriters, producers, and friends,” said Rayne. “I really love co-writing songs.”

Rayne added the collaborative effort is both fun and helpful.

“I tend to give up halfway through a song,” she said with a laugh. “So there’s a lot of accountability when you’re writing with other people. And I also enjoy the process.”

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She said she thrives in those types of settings. She also likes to experiment with different chords and music while writing to help boost creativity.

“Sometimes the producer will have a track prepared and we’ll make changes based on that,” she said. “But other times we’ll jam with guitar, piano, and come up with it as we go.”

The 19-year-old singer said fans can expect a darker direction for the EP’s three new tracks: “Is It Cool If We’re Lonely”, “Nothing to Bleed For”, and “Scar Tissue”.

“They’ve got more of a dark-pop feel,” noted Rayne, “which is something I’ve been exploring recently.”

She said she enjoys the dark-pop direction her new music has taken and she sees herself following a similar musical pathway as she writes songs in the future.

“A little more dark pop. A little edgier for me.”

The six-song offering also includes three previously released tracks—”Who’s Sorry Now?”, “Sour Candy”, and “Envious”—which can be found via Rayne’s Linktree page, along with a few of Rayne’s other previously released singles.

False Love will drop on streaming platforms July 30.

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