Classic tale takes interactive twist

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves retold by Parkland students

About 900 elementary student audience members will help Snow White clean the dwarves’ house and banish the Wicked Witch, as the Parkland secondary acting 11/12 class presents their interactive version of this classic tale.

“It is so much fun being Snow White,” said Grade 11 student Brenda Wood. “I get to talk to the kids and get them to blow away the dust in the dwarves’ house.”

The high school students will present three shows on Nov. 22 in the Parkland theatre.

“It’s a great audience for the acting students … The little kids get so involved and really want to help out,” said acting teacher Joan Saunders.

Other twists mean some action takes place among the audience.

“The audience has to help the animals catch me,” explained Shania Justice, who plays the witch. “It’s fun playing a nasty character. You can really play around with the role.”

Each acting student also put his or her own slant on the classic seven dwarves.

“We had a great time creating our dwarf characters,” said Kiera Karlenzig. “We really tried to make them unique and something the audience would enjoy.”



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