Laurie James’ new book ‘Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again!’ is the author’s first novel. (Submitted)

Chilliwack comedian, actor writes first humorous novel

Laurie James' new book 'Leah's Husband Is Dead – Again!' was recently released

A Chilliwack comedian and actor has penned her first novel.

Laurie James’ new book, Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again!, was released in November. It is a humorous story of love, loss and the surmounting of life’s challenges through courage.

James turned to writing following a career in stand-up comedy, TV and live stage performances. In 2001, she wrote humour book What I Meant To Say Was. She has also written articles for women’s magazines.

Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again! is her first novel.

To purchase Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again! by Laurie James, go to or It is available in paperback for $18.25 or Kindle edition for $13.04.

(Book synopsis below image)

Laurie James’ new book ‘Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again!’ is the author’s first novel. (Submitted)


This is Leah Barrie’s journal and every entry reveals her as a fighter, and a survivor, someone who can still laugh at her own imperfections, and mostly, at other people and their stupidity. Her journal is her not so secret keeper that allows us to become privy to her innermost thoughts, her beliefs, and her wild adventures.

Set in the late 1950s and early ’60s, Leah’s story takes us from the small mythical town of Cameron Alberta, where she grew up in an Irish family; and her fearless move into the unknown – the city of Calgary, upon her high school graduation.

Through her writing Leah introduces us to her loving, sometimes quirky family members, including an exasperating overly religious grandmother, and her various odd and sometimes too nosy landlords. We meet a variety of crazy coworkers; like Miss Elvira The Witch; inflexible bosses, Maggie, her perfect roommate; and most importantly, the great loves of her life. First, there was Ron the Englishman, then Sal the Italian, then Peter the Australian. Each one offering a distinct flavour of excitement and romance such as she’d never dreamed.

Sadly for Leah, some mysterious force, be it gremlins, leprechauns, or sneaky devils, keeps attempting to rob her of finding true happiness. Her unwavering search for that status continues as she moves to the West Coast and shares with us her further adventures in a life lived large.

No matter the obstacles, Leah survives it all.


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