Philomusica Chorus and Ensemble released ‘All Good Gifts’ on YouTube on April 3, 2021. (YouTube)

Chilliwack chorus shares latest song with ‘same love, enthusiasm’ as pre-pandemic music

Philomusica Chorus and Ensemble recently released its version of 'All Good Gifts' on YouTube

In true pandemic fashion, a local chorus has released its most recent song virtually.

Chilliwack’s Philomusica Chorus and Ensemble is sharing its recording of ‘All Good Gifts’ from the rock opera Godspell. It’s the fourth piece of music that chorus director Paula Quick has released on YouTube during the pandemic.

They are sharing it “a little differently than in past, but with the same love and enthusiasm that the group has become known for,” Quick said.

Months ago, she began playing around with different editing software after she knew her singers wouldn’t be able to meet in person any time soon.

“This was something that I’ve been itching to do for a number of years,” Quick said.

She started with a trial run of Tabula Rasa by Don Macdonald back in October which was only made available to chorus members. From there, the chorus put together three other pieces.

‘Ikimilikiliklik’ by Brian Stokes was done for Halloween where whispering, hissing, chanting and full-throated howling were all part of the piece. Marking Remembrance Day, Philomusica Chorus created an emotional story to the words and music of ‘After the War’ by Paul Gross and David Keele. And at Christmas they shared videos of Eric Whitacre’s ‘Lux aurumque’ and Tom Paxton’s ‘The Marvelous Toy’.

‘All Good Gifts’ is their most recent piece, which was released on Easter weekend.

Up next for Philomusica Chorus will be a collage in honour of Mother’s Day. The centre-piece will be the initial recording ‘Tabula Rasa’ that Quick put together back in October, but at the beginning of May, it will be released to the general public. Other pieces for the Mother’s Day video include ‘Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy’ and ‘Your Mother and Mine.’

Although learning different types of editing software has been fun, Quick said she wants to see her chorus in person.

“It’s been quite an experience but I am looking forward to a time when we can be together again.”

For more, see Paula Quick’s YouTube channel.

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