Black Creek artist Brian Scott’s latest mural is called Habibi, or ‘I love you in Lebanese.’

Black Creek artist’s mural says, ‘I love you’ in Lebanese

Black Creek artist Brian Scott's latest mural is called Habibi, or 'I love you' in Lebanese.

Black Creek artist Brian Scott’s latest mural is called Habibi, or ‘I love you’ in Lebanese.

The Greco Roman theme is the ruins at Balbek, Lebanon dating back to the time of Christ. The artist underpainted with yellow for the hot desert, red for evening and blue for night. He finished up with bling to catch the sunlight and moonlight on the night scenes. The temple of Jupiter is reputed to be the largest Roman temple ruin indicating the wealth and power of the trade route to India.

Carla commissioned Scott to attract attention to her Lebanese cuisine with his characteristic splash of colour. The kiosk is large, accommodating four murals. Scott calls her business a five-star kiosk as the hallmark of any five-star restaurant is fresh herbs. Carla has a green thumb and grows herbs in her green house. Customers rave about her menu and she has a regular clientele of return customers.

The artist is excited about working with Habibe and Carla. His van and display booth is parked at Shelter Bay next to Habibe Kiosk on the Old Island Highway every afternoon except Mondays. This works for Scott since tourists are reluctant to visit his galleries in Black Creek but enjoy his art in the safety of the sea breeze, minimizing the threat of infection. Scott is the resident “seagull” consuming any leftovers and loves feeding french fries to the baby crows.

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