Author, 85, signing his first book

Bruce Watt spins some stories with his first book Chilcotin Yarns

Local author and BC Cowboy Hall-of-Fame member Bruce Watt will be introducing Chilcotin Yarns at a book signing at Nuthatch Books on May 4, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Getting three trucks and two horses stuck in the mud on “a good road” into British Columbia’s wild, remote Interior was just the start of Watt’s Chilcotin adventures and happened during his honeymoon, too.

A consummate storyteller Watt tells it like it was and perhaps still is for many people calling this place home.

“My family and friends encouraged me to write down some of my stories,” says Watt.

At 85 years old, this first-time author says it took a couple of years to write the book.

“Years ago, the kids gave me a recorder to tape some stories and, of course, I lost the recorder and had to go by memory.”

The wildlife, landscape and quirky, down-to-earth people captivated Watt, and despite the hard work and challenging conditions, the Watts put down roots. However, Watt says his first reaction to the country was “I’m not staying here.”

He adds that moving to the Big Creek area of the Chilcotin in 1948 was the best decision he’s made and that’s he has had a great time.

These yarns capture the adventure and humour of running a ranch, from roping cougars to close calls on cliff edges and other “typical” accidents.

His stories of chasing horses, navigating the backcountry and getting five children off to school have a charm of their own.

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